To Grandmother's House we Go!

We are traveling this weekend and I am trying to list all the things we need to take.  HOW do you travel light?  What makes the cut!?  With a grandma who is a day care provider, I am pretty lucky.

We are only going for a weekend, but I feel like I might as well bring ALL of it along!?

What things do you take to make it easier? How do you organize your items in the car?  Would love some advice!

Here is our list so far:

Travel bag of clothes for 2 little men
Extra shoes
Bottles (just in case bf baby needs it!?)
Pillow, lovie, blankie for big boy
Hoodie, jacket, extra socks and blankets for lil boy
Diaper changing pad
Nursing stool
Bouncy seat
Hard water bottle (for mom)
Sound machine Xs 2
Car snacks for kiddo and mom
Moms bag
Dads bag
Moms Pillow
Dog food + dog bowl

Our car will be STUFFED to the gills.


  1. Don't forget to take something for the road for each child and diapers as needed. Course I tend to like to bring a smaller cooler filled with snacks, juice and water.