Drink Chia has a larger bottle!

I was speaking with someone yesterday and told them I had given up Pepsi. She was shocked and said she just could not do it. I never thought I would be able to do it, and I will tell you, I have not done it on my own.
A few months ago, I talked about Drink Chia, and this has been my "go to" product for giving up soda. I do not drink coffee often, so I would have a soda every morning to help "wake me up." Now, instead of reaching for a soda, I reach for a Drink Chia. Drink Chia used to come in just an 8 oz bottle, but I am loving this larger version in 10 ounces!

It gives me the energy boost I need in the morning! As an added "perk" I have also noticed my nails are growing stronger and healthier. Usually I have very fragile and weak nails, but they are a decent length now, and the only thing I have changed thus far is drinking more Drink Chia.

I found it on sale at Lucky Vitamin, and ordered 2 more 12 packs! It is not a HUGE discount ($1.00 off a bottle), but it was enough to make me buy a couple of 12 packs. I drink about 2-3 bottles a day because I LOVE the taste!

For more nutritional information about Drink Chia and it's health benefits, visit their website at:

MamaBreak was sent 10 oz Drink Chia to review here on MamaBreak. We were not given any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

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