Citrus Lane for FREE!!!!!!!!

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Code expired. Check out our review and the new code for $20 off your first box at:

This is last month's fabulous box! The code is good for any new account/ new customer! What a great way yo try them out!

SocialBliss Style Box March Review

It is rare that a box I receive is squeal worthy-- this is mostly because I do not squeal in delight over things, much less jump up and down over them. But that is what I am doing RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Social Bliss is one of the newer boxes out there, and it is NOT cheap. At $47.90 a month SocialBliss Style Box is a high end box.  But I LOVE IT!!!! EEEEKKK!!!!! The card has a quote from Audrey Hepburn (my favorite actress EVER!!!!), that says, "Paris is always a good idea). You all know I ADORE Paris!!!!

March SocialBliss StyleBox

So, I am not going to build up to the best item, because I know you all immediately see it, and you are wondering-- IS THAT REALLY . . . Yes. Yes, it is a Melie Bianco handbag-- the Spring in Paris Mattie Bag--- yes the same one my husband said 'not another handbag" to!!!!! (non-handbag people are wondering why this is so great-- hand bag people-- you know why I am so excited!!!!!)
What was in the box:

Total value: $86.03 which is a fantastic value for a bag that is HOT right now for Spring! I absolutely love this box and will keep on subscribing!!!!

Go to:  to subscribe to your own box!!!Use code FBM5 to save $5!

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Scrabble Review and Giveaway

We love family game night, and our of our favorite games is Scrabble! The great thing about Scrabble is it encourages kids to spell their own words, enhancing their vocabulary AND spelling.

We usually play in teams, and there are all new "Team Play" instructions in the newest version of Scrabble. There are also fun additions like Power Tiles, but if you want you can still play the traditional game!

Did you know that Hasbro offers a Scrabble School Program. This is a great way for your entire school to get involved in Scrabble and start learning even more with words and fun!

Check out:  for more information on how to play and visit:  to learn how to sign up YOUR school.

Want to win your own? Enter below for our flash giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

ModCloth surprise Sale!

Feeling lucky? Take your chance at hitting the jackpot with the ModCloth Stylish Surprise sale; You can nab a mystery item for only $10. You could win a $500 frock! But you better shop early, these stylish steals are only around while supplies last and that will not be long!

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Citrus Lane March Review and Coupon Code

As everyone knows, we receive Citrus Lane, and we are loving this month's box. I am actually keeping it ALL for Easter baskets. Is that bad of me? Just so many cute things, I cannot resist! These are the two boxes we received. You will see that they are similar. One is for a 45 month old girl, and the other is for a 6 year old boy (we maxed out on the age for my son now).

Citrus Lane March 2014
What came in the box:
Total value: $36.35. That is a super value, when you consider that Citrus Lane is just $29 a month. BUT, you can USE THIS LINK and use the code SPRING20 and get your first box for only $9!!!!! THAT is a phenomenal deal!

My son's box had:
Citrus Lane March 2014
As you can see the items were very similar, and it had a very similar value. We have been with Citrus Lane for almost 2 years and we have LOVED it!!!! This month is no exception and we cannot wait for next month!

You can subscribe at: and remember to use one of the coupon codes to save!

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Escape Monthly March Review and Coupon Code

As many of you may remember, I signed up for 1 month of Escape Monthly through Plum District a few weeks ago, and my first box arrived!!! I paid a total of $20 for my first box. The box is regularly $49.95, but use the coupon code MYESCAPE to get all of your boxes for 20% off (making it $39.95). This month, the destination was on Ireland! Since this is on my list of top places to visit, I was really excited to receive it!
Escape Monthly March Ireland

What was in the box:

Total value: $68.49. That is a great value for the $20 price I paid, but even at the regular $39.95 rate each month (with coupon code MYESCAPE), it is a great deal! Next month is MEXICO!!! We cannot wait! 

You can sign up for Escape Monthly at:

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March 2014 PopSugar MustHave Review and Coupon Code

We love PopSugar MustHave every month! We have been subscribing for a while, and it never disappoints! The value is always there, and I almost always love everything in my box! Check out our full video unboxing:

In our box this month:

March 2014 PopSugar MustHave

  •  Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps Lightly Salted, 3.3 oz, Amazon per ounce value: $2.21
  • Baublebar Elephant Ring Holder, Web value: $12.00
  •  Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Necklace Gold Dipped, Amazon value: $58.00
  • Active Forever Mini Fusion Exercise Ball, Web value, $9.95
  • Nature's Bakery Fig Bar, 2 oz, Amazon per ounce value: 6 cents (this is an incredible value for the bars as an add-on item!)
  • Jurlique Advanced Herbal Recovery Serum, .5 oz, Amazon per ounce value: $22.38
  •  Brokedown Womens Scarf, Amazon value (based on a similar style-- the one in the box was specifically for PopSugar MustHave): $39.99
  • Total value:$144.59. This is an AMAZING value for PopSugar MustHave which only costs $39.95 a month!!!! Use code MARCH10 to save $10 off of your first box!!!

    Just go to: to subscribe now (and remember to use the coupon code!)

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    Birchbox March 2014 Review

    Birchbox continues to be one of my favorite boxes. Here is a video review and unboxing.

    What came in the box:

    March 2014 Birchbox
    Total value: $12.49 PLUS I got 6 products which will mean I can review 6 times, giving me $6 more dollars in the Birchbox store! A super value for only $10 a month!

    You can check out Birchbox and subscribe for yourself at:

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    We are on Vacation!!!!

    I think this is the first time I have ever left the blog on vacation! Unreal! We are jetting off to sunny Jamaica! We will be posting pictures on Facebook, so make sure you follow us there:

    Make sure to check out tons of goodies this week just waiting to be discovered! How about a delicious recipe for dinner, or read about a mom-owned business under interview! There is so much to see and do on MamaBreak!

    March Little Black Bag Review

    I had just opened a bag, but when I saw the purse go up for sale, I knew I had to have it. The brown purse was what I started with/ opened my bag with. I spent more on the purse than I EVER have on Little Black Bag before! The purse was $105.90 to open with 2 extra items. Then I will be honest, and things got REALLY crazy. They ended up having a huge blow-out sale on MANY items, and how could I say no? I ended up ordering 2 pairs of earrings (for $6.44 and $5.94), a pair of sandals (for $12.94), AND a pair of slippers (for $3.44). THEN I ended up trading a ton of items and in the end I closed my bag with magnetic nail polish, an additional clutch, a bracelet, and a necklace. I had 7 days to trade, but only took 2, so that my box would arrive before I left for vacation! I wanted the purse for my trip, so either way it was a fantastic deal.

    People always ask me if I think LBB is a good deal. This is maybe my 10th? 11th? bag that I have purchased, and I always get amazing things! I ALWAYS open with an item that I LOVE and would pay the base price for either way, so everything else is a bonus! But here is the price breakdown (some prices reflect a similarity in the same style as the item in that same brand, as the exact style was not available):

    Clearly the value is in a Little Black Bag. I am thrilled with my bag this month, and cannot wait to open another!! Right now they are having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on their handbags!!!!! Click HERE to get 25% off your first order! 

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    March Phone Case of the Month!

    This post contains referral links.

    Are you ready for cuteness overload? We LOVE this month's case! Very cute, and the kids are in love with it!

    March Phone Case of the Month Review and Coupon Code #PCOTM
    I don't know that it gets cuter than that! I love it! Phone case of the month is just $10 a month and you get an adorable case, a fun sticker, and a nice storage pouch! BUT if you click HERE, you will get your first case for only $5!!!!

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    Thrifty Thursday: Bountiful Baskets

    Are you trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet? It is hard to stock up on fruits and vegetables because fresh produce can be very expensive! Bountiful Baskets just started in our small town, and we are so in love with it!

    Bountiful Baskets
    This was our basket from this past week. It is 50% fruits and 50% vegetables (making it 100% delicious!). My kids love getting basket because it means fresh fruit. It makes snack time much easier when you can go into your fridge and pick up something delicious and nutritious! They have wonderful add-ons each week too! We have purchased the bread, wraps, and many others (including splitting an 8-pack of strawberries with a friend-- and the kids have almost finished them already). The contributions open at noon on the Monday before you pick up your produce (which is generally on Saturday). The sign-up lasts until Tuesday at noon, but our own sign-up was only open for 45 minutes before it sold out! Each basket is only $15! You never know what you will get specifically, but it will always be 50% fruit and 50% vegetables. There is also an organic basket for $25.  There is a $5.50 handling fee that is added to your total, no matter how much you add. In the end, it is a wonderful way to stock your fridge every 2 weeks, and to keep healthy foods in the house!

    You can check out Bountiful Baskets at:
    You can check out current locations at:

    If you do not have a location, I would encourage you to start one!

    Mama Monday: Interview with Anna of Silly Rhino

    It's Monday and that means another interview with a mompreneuer! This week are are talking to Anna, the owner and founder of Silly Rhino. Silly Rhino is one of the newest and hottest kids' subscription boxes out there!!!For only $33.99, this box is a wonderful value each month! 

    1. What inspired you to start Silly Rhino?

    As soon as I had my first child, I knew I wanted the safest, high quality and, at the same time, fun toys and things surrounding him. We have always tried to be an eco-friendly household, but more so after we had children. My husband and I live in a typical medium sized town in Louisiana together with our boys - Luka, who is 3.5 years old and Sergi, who is 2. Most shopping here is done at a few typical big-box stores, found in every town in America and sometimes I did not feel that I could find a good selection of such safe and high quality things for my sons.

    I am a researcher by nature. Before any important decision, trip or purchase, I put in hours of research until I feel comfortable that I know enough. So, naturally, when it came to my children, my researcher nature went into overdrive - after I put children to bed, I spent my nights online, exploring number of web-sites, weeding through all the choices and reading countless reviews. I felt that this might be overwhelming for new parents, who are sleep deprived, don't have enough time and energy to do all this research, but still want safe, well-built and cool toys, gear and other things for their children, all while getting a good value. So I decided to create a service for parents - they can enjoy their time with their kids while we do all the work for them, and they can be assured that once a month they will receive a curated selection of trusted, quality products that are fun for kids. We strive to introduce families to brands that are not widely available at their local stores, we are a discovery service after all.

    2. How do you balance work and family?
    I will be honest - it is not easy. Running a successful business is rewarding in all aspects, but it takes long hours and a firm commitment. I feel like a good support system is paramount and my husband has been my rock in this endeavor (I cannot go without mentioning his mad graphic skills here, all the informational cards included in each box that everybody likes so much are his handy work). My children are also so helpful in market research, they make excellent critics. So, when we are trying out a test toy, or reading a book together to see if it might be a good fit for our subscribers, it does not feel like I am working. I am spending fun time with my boys, all while, unbeknownst to them, putting together kid-tested boxes. Shhh, don't tell them, or they might demand a salary.

    3. What advice would you give to other women starting their own company?
    Set a goal and commit to it. There will be people every single day who tell you that you can't do it, or other days it will feel like some obstacles are impossible to overcome. Put it in perspective - if that obstacle is the worst thing that ever happened to you in your entire life, wouldn't you still be a lucky person? See, when you look at it that way, doesn't feel so grim after all, does it?

    4. Who has inspired you most?
    My children are my inspiration every single day. When I'm overwhelmed, upset or tired, all I have to do is think about them, it takes just a fraction of a second - I remember a tone of their voice, or an expression on their faces from that morning, and it helps me concentrate on a big picture. After all, everything I do is all for them.

    5. Where did the name Silly Rhino come from?
    My husband and I lovingly called Luka our “silly monkey” from the day he was born. He quietly waited and waited, plotting his revenge. One day, when he could take no more, he surprised us and, all of a sudden, blurted out in response, “no, silly mama rhino”, followed by all the animals he could list. Well, he could barely speak at that point and, obviously, rhino is not one of the first choice words for toddlers, but from that day on, “silly rhino” became his favorite phrase and he bestowed that honor only onto the very special, select people.

    ​​ Silly Rhino subscription box service holds that very special place in my heart, so it is only fitting that it carries the name.

    6. Is there any exciting news about your business that you want to share?
    Absolutely! We try to bring new and exciting things to our subscribers all the time. I am so happy to say that your blog readers are first to find out that Silly Rhino will offer baby shower boxes in the very near future. It will be full of exceptional and unique items, and anybody will be proud to gift the box to a mommy-to-be in their lives. We promise nobody will have anything like it at the baby shower!

    Check out and subscribe to Silly Rhino at:
    Sign up by March 5th at Midnight to get this month's box!!! Use code silly10 to save 10% off of your first month!
    Follow them on Facebook at:

    Want to WIN a box of your own? Enter at:

    Living Social Coupon Code!!!

    In honor of the Academy Awards, Living Social has a $5 coupon code right now!Just click through and use the code REDCARPET5!!!! CODE HAS EXPIRED!!!!

    Amazing Deal on Escape Monthly -- Coupon Code included!!!!

    Plum district is featuring Escape Monthly right now on their site. The best part? Use code MEMBER20 to save an additional $5, making your first box only $20!!!!

    It is freezing outside, so I NEEDED something to cheer me up, and an escape seemed to be just the thing I needed!
    Escape Monthly
    This is what they say will be in the box:
    • Treat yourself to luxurious, worldwide experiences - without airfare!
    • Every month, Escape Monthly delivers destination-themed boxes containing $100 worth goodies - including local artisan-crafted bath and beauty products, gourmet treats and delicacies, gift certificates, and more to help you relax and unwind 
    • Boxes also include offers for resorts, spas, and travel - plus travel guides and secret tips - for when you do decide to take a vacation!
    • Each month, one lucky member will also win Vacation of the Month - including airfare and accommodations (up to $1,000)!
    • Members automatically receive a 20% off for life on all future subscriptions 
    Click here to purchase your own first box for only $20. We purchased ours and redeemed, so we are excited to get the March box!

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