Service Saturday

Every Saturday, we will strive to bring you a new service organization. The organization will be an organization that is charitable in nature. If we have had direct contact with the organization, we will always let you know!!

This week is one of my personal favorites-- Kiva.

Kiva is an organization where you can donate $25 to someone in a poverty stricken nation to help them build a business. But here is the exciting part . . . you donate your $25 as a "loan" which may be paid back. Almost all of my donations have been paid back over time, and I was able to re-donate that same $25 time and time again.

YOU choose who (and which sector of business) you want to contribute to. The site will tell you about the person, about the business, why they need a loan (how will your money be spent), and how many additional loans they need to make their goal. This is the first group I gave to. My loan was paid back in 6 months (you can see how long the group has to pay back your investment).

It is a fantastic way to give back! to learn more and to start your donation chain!


  1. Love the concept that it's like a pay it forward, and when the company works that its paid back!! I am checking this out. I believe in helping, and in Karma. This seems like an infinity of it!

    1. It is a fantastic company! I have had so much luck with my $25 going a LONG way. And $25 to me is not a life changing amount of money, but in other countries it really can be.

  2. What an awesome idea I love it!! Will really help people out!!!

  3. If I had extra money I so would do this! I love the idea! And being able to help!

  4. Kiva sounds amazing! I wish I had extra money to donate! Right now I am going through all my clothes and step daughters clothes to donate to womens battered shelter

  5. I think it is great that you are keeping us informed of these new things. I love this idea!