Thrifty Tuesday! 10/30

SUPER deal at,  $20 off $100 order with code 17746.  The new arrivals are HOT!  Our favorite line is the Cool Nights PJs!

Checkout this hot coupon on!  Buy any Playtex Bottle, get a 2-pack of pacifiers FREE!  The coupon is easy to find under "Baby/Toddler"  A great deal at any big-box stores!

Enter to win the USA Kids cup Sweepstakes!  Contest ends today at 12 noon!

Loving the deal on invitations for JUST $0.79 at
All Invitations $0.79 at Cardstore!

10/29: MMMM Monday: Pumpkin Seeds

I LOVE to roast pumpkin seeds, and with Halloween this week, many of you may have your seeds, and just wondering what to do with them. My mom and I would ALWAYS roast our pumpkin seeds, and it is actually fairly easy to do so!

  • Pumpkin seeds 
  • 2 teaspoons of butter
  • Salt (salt it to your taste)
  • Preheat the oven to 300. 
  •  Melt the butter and mix in salt (I usually add just a couple of dashes)
  • Mix the seeds in the melted butter and salt
  • Bake them in the oven for about 45 minutes (depending on oven and your own preference for crispiness). 
And that is IT!!!! 

Daily's Cocktails Review

I LOVE frozen drinks, especially margaritas! But I am also a busy mom and in the evening when I do occasionally indulge in an alcoholic beverage, the last thing I want to do is pull out my blender, find all the ingredients, and make myself one. Phew! That is a LOT of work.

That is what makes Daily's Cocktails SO wonderful!

I personally love the original Magarita, but they have so may options to choose from. And just in time for the holidays, they have some delicious holiday treats!
PERFECT for those holiday parties when you do not want to mix drinks all night, you want to enjoy our company! 

Head over to their website to find some amazing recipes, tips, and information about all of their amazing flavors!

Tropical Traditions Giveaway

You read our review HERE. Now it is your chance to win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil of your own!
Tropical Tradition's Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil?
You can also watch the video they produced about Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil:

Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the advantages of buying coconut oil online. Since the FDA does not want us to discuss the health benefits of coconut oil on a page where it is being sold or given away, here is the best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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Fall in Love with Evol Foods

My family and I are on a constant quest to eat healthier. However, as a working mom, I do not always have the time to cook elaborate meals. To be honest, I use my microwave far too often. And I am sure most busy moms know that most microwavable food is unhealthy.

That is why I loved finding Evol! It is healthier food that is still fast and convenient.

Tonight, we tried the Chicken, Bean and Rice burrito! SO delicious!

I love that they come in single serve containers. They are made from scratch and use cage-free white meat chicken raised with no antibiotics (which is SUPER).
The flour tortilla is flaky and light and just amazing!
And look at those huge chunks of chicken, beans, rice and shredded cheese.

The are so good that even my picky 5 year old will eat them!

For information about Evol foods (that is love spelled backwards). Visit their website:
Follow them on Facebook:
or on Twitter:

MamaBreak received coupons to review Evol here on the website. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own.

October Starlooks Review

Another subscription box and mamas, you are going to LOVE this one.
It is called Starlooks, and the make-up is AMAZING!!

It comes in this adorable black box with a silver bow. 

And it has 3-4 FULL SIZED (no samples here Mamas!) items in the box. The subscription price is $15, but as you can see you get MUCH more than that in value! It is hard to determine a "real" value, as the items are Starlooks exclusive. However after using them, I can tell you they are top quality cosmetics, and I think the prices on their website are extremely reasonable for what you get!

The gold eyeliner is stunning, and applies really well!
I was very afraid of this color when I first saw it because it appeared really bright and too much on the orange side for me.
But on it looks amazing! That is me, without makeup except for this gorgeous shade of lipstick! I love it!

The October box included:
  • Eye shadow pigment in Posh. It is a beautiful purple color! Value: $12
  • Gold eyeliner pencil. I LOVE this color.Value: $8
  • Lipstick in Masquerade. Value: $11
  • Eye Rock Eye Tatoos-- PERFECT for Halloween! Amazon price: $5.99
 Total value: $36.99!!! Incredible value some great cosmetic items!
As if all of this was not amazing enough, every box comes with a quartz crystal which is really beautiful.
AND when you make a purchase on their site shipping is FREE and you earn a point for every dollar that you spend. When you have 100 star dollars you get $10 worth of items!

Check out their website:

On Facebook at:
And on their YouTube channel:

MamaBreak received the October StarLooks box to review here on the website. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

Graveyard Mall Mystery Box Review

So, in case you have not noticed, I love subscription boxes and one of the reason is my love for surprises.

A site called Graveyard Mall occasionally provides mystery boxes. Although I have had VERY bad luck with some of the specific boxes, I have had VERY good luck with the Guaranteed Custom Mystery Box. First, you should know that all of the boxes are guaranteed. And I HAVE returned a box before and got a 100% refund (including shipping). So, the risk is really low for these boxes. The box I purchased was $32.99 and it was during a special $1.99 shipping on all items on the site that day, so my shipping was only $1.99 for a total of $34.98.

My box arrived today, and this is what was inside:
  • Laugh Easel. Amazon price: $4.25
  • Extra Touch flannel shirt. could not locate online. Based on similar products on Amazon, estmated value $30.00
  • Global Decor Professional Collection Ultra Seafood Tool Set. Amazon price: $24.99
  • Just My Size Velvet Shirt. Price tag reads $16.00
  • Just My Size Foxy Sweatshirt. Price tag reads $11.00
  • Just My Size tee (Brown). Price tag reads $10.00
  • Just My Size tee (Purple). Price tag reads $10.00
  • Just My Size tee (Navy Blue). Price tag reads $10.00
  • EnzoAngelini sunglasses. Web Price estimate $30.00
  • Eco Balance Bath Gift Set. Amazon price: $28.99
  • Natural Life Necklace. Price tag and web price of $20.00
  • Blue snuggie. Amazon price: $9.99
  • Conair double sided light up make-up mirror. Amazon price: $22.99
Total value: $228.21
So, obviously this is an AMAZING value. Like I said, I have NEVER had the personalized box go wrong. This time around I completely love the shirts. I do not know if I will wear the velvet ones, but the others are super cute. I cannot imagine NOT using anything that was sent to me, and obviously this box is NOT going back.  I would strongly encourage you to watch their Facebook page, as they usually post when a mystery box has gone up on the site. No risk, so a great deal!

I will add that in the past Graveyard Mall has taken a LONG time to ship. They have become MUCH better about faster shipping times. For example, I ordered this box on the 11th. It arrived today.  I did have to contact customer service about an issue with using a credit on my account. Customer service replied to me email within an hour and had resolved the issue.

Clearly I have ordered mystery boxes before. In the notes for the custom mystery boxes, you are asked to leave information about yourself. I have written these before, so I am not sure if they read prior notes, but I did give my clothing size, told them I was female, and that I wanted items for myself (not my kids). 

Their website:
The mystery box page:
Their facebook:

10/25: Talk Back Thursday

Every Thursday we talk to the owner of a company to get to know them and their brand a little better! We have five questions we ask of each mom-preneuer. 
This week, we talked to Chandra, the owner and founder of Drink Chia. 

1. What inspired you to create Drink Chia?

I was created Drink Chia selfishly at first for myself when I was training for my first marathon.  I was really dismayed when reading the nutritional panels of sports and "healthy" beverages in the marketplace.  The amount of sugar, calories and ingredients I couldn't pronounce was shocking to me. 
My two boys, 9 and 5, were my inspiration for taking Drink Chia to the marketplace.  They loved it and I thought "I love giving them a beverage that doesn't contain artificial, neon colored ingredients that is low in sugar, calories and high in Omega-3 for their growing bodies."

I figured other moms would have the same dilemma I did and hopefully would welcome Drink Chia as an option for their families.

2. How do you balance work and family?

I had a lightbulb moment earlier this year that I can't give my time equally to everything each day.  So I work really hard on quality time and don't beat myself up anymore if I'm not giving equal time to both buckets.

If I am able to have 2 hours of time with my family each day, I put the iPhone/computer down and just really work on being present for those two hours.

I realized too I can be with my family all day but my head is in work and that is not quality time with them. 

3. What advice would you give to other women starting their own company?

Surround yourself with optimistic, "can do" people.  Network, network and network.  I occasionally still struggle with doubt and fear but have become more aware of getting rid of any negativity very quickly... I highly suggest doing the same ; )

4. Who has inspired you most in creating Drink Chia?

The only way Drink Chia came to life was having an amazing partners  Mark and Gideon and adding our other teams members like Ronni, head of business development to our circle.  They inspire me everyday!

We also are inspired our consumers that we like to think of as friends who are thankful that we have created this product line.

Honestly, every morning that my boys ask me to make sure there is a Drink Chia in their lunch is still the coolest thing ever!

 5. Is there any exciting news about Drink Chia you want to share?

We'll start launching Drink Chia into different regions of Whole Foods by January 2013 and we have other products in development that I can't wait to share with everyone (still under wraps right now). 

 Back in August, we tried Drink Chia for ourselves and loved it. You can read our review HERE.
Drink Chia can be found online at:
You will also want to follow them on Facebook. You will be amazed at all of the people who Drink Chia!
If you prefer to tweet, you can follow them on twitter at:

Baby Signing Time! Giveaway!

Checkout the review here for Baby Signing Time!  Want to have YOUR kiddo learning sign language to help you understand what s/he wants!?   Check out the giveaway!  You can win your own copy of Volume 1 DVD!

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Thrifty Tuesday! 10/23

I have found some awesome deals this morning, and the day has just started!

  • Free Safety Latch Starter Kit:
  • I had many new coupons and samples today, including wipes sample and a diaper coupon!
  •  Thomas magazine for 50% off! This is a wonderful magazine, and my little train guy loves it! This is the best price I have seen in a LONG time!  Use coupon code 9643
  •  Do you WOOT??? It is a woot off for the next 24-48-72 hours (you just never know). Go to  The deal changes when the item sells out. Sometimes the items last for seconds, sometimes an hour. You just never know. I always do a quick google search to see the average selling price before buying. They also have Kids Woot and several others (like wine woot and home woot). If you see the rotating/ flashing lights, you know it is a woot off!

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops

Mamas-- we are trying to get you prepared for Fall and Winter, and one thing you will most likely need is throat drops.

I tend to get dry, hacking coughs a few times during the Winter, and really enjoyed these! I was able to try two different flavors, and love the different packaging available.

The original flavor of Natural Honey and the Wild Cherry both soothed my throat. These classic bags allow for easy pouring and are great for home use.
I prefer these puck containers for my office as the are more convenient. The top simply screws off so that you can refill them again and again.
The cough drop was easy to use, and even my children enjoyed the taste. The natural honey (seen above) was sweet.
I preferred the wild cherry, as I enjoyed the taste more, but both tasted very good and were very effective at solving my sore throat and cough needs.

You can check out their website at:
They are running contests and giveaways all the time on their Facebook page at:

You can buy the throat drops at CVS and other retailers!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Life Ki Do Review

When my daughter turned 5, she was a handful. She is a very spirited girl, and sometimes had a hard time controlling her emotions and outbursts. She has so much enthusiasm, that she often would get in trouble at school for not listening and following the rules.

In first grade, we enrolled her in Tae Kwon Doe, and she really changed as a little person. She not only learned discipline and control, but we saw her self-confidence and self-awareness blossom. My husband and I have often told other parents the benefits of Tae Kwon Doe, and that is why I was thrilled to review the book, "Life Ki Do Parenting: Tools to Raise Happy, Confident Kids from the Inside Out." 

If you (like me) want to raise children who are good, not because of rewards or consequences, but because it is the right thing to do, then this book can help you on that path. The book is all about making your children feel good about themselves and their actions. Not only do they give great advice, but they also provide "Tools" on your path to being a better parent. 

As a parent of a martial artist, I appreciated this book more than I can say. It brought home the lessons my daughter (and soon my son as well) have learned in Tae Kwon Doe, and help us to be a more centered and confident family. The book not only will help your children be strong, resilient and proud . . . but it will help you as a mom too!

MamaBreak received a copy of the book "Life Ki-Do Parenting" to review here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

Buy a Wholly Guacamole Shirt!

Be a Hero!  Purchase a Wholly Guacamole shirt and help send 100 kids to camp!

Check out this great promo here!

10/22 Yummy Recipe for Green Monster Smoothie

Many parents, health buffs and now kiddos are trying the Green Smoothies.  At our house, we use lots of items, but mostly the things we buy every week.  It's a great small treat to share and perfect for the Halloween week!

Ingredients used in our home:

1/2 cup Orange Juice
1 cup of Greek Yogurt (plain or vanilla)
6-8 Large Frozen Strawberries (or unfrozen, but then add 1/2 cup of ice)
1 cup of Spinach
4-6 Baby Carrots
1/2 Banana (if you use a whole one, its really over powering)

Extras we add sometimes:
1 cup frozen blueberries
Ground flax seed
Chocolate syrup (within the blending or just on top!)
1 orange

Photo from PerfectConfections
You can really add your favorite fruits plus a couple of "hidden" veggies to make it green!  Happy Halloween treat!

Noxicare Review

As the weather gets colder, aches and pains may start to become more frequent. I know that I get terrible ankle and foot pain, especially on rainy days.

I recently reviewed Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream.

I felt the lotion was effective at taking care of my foot and ankle pain. It did not leave a strong medicinal smell, and moisturized as well.

You can see here that the lotion is somewhat thick so it applied well.
For more information, visit their website at:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dial a Smile Review

Perhaps most importance in our appearance is our smile, and having white teeth is an important part of that. I have spent countless amounts of money on bleaching my teeth at the dentist office, and lately they have seemed a little dull.

I was thrilled to try out Dial a Smile. Dial a Smile is a teeth whitening program that you can do in your own home to make your teeth whiter and brighter.

The kit complete with everything you need, and we also were given the super booster pen.

First we tested the color of my teeth
 My side/ eye teeth are quite darker than my front teeth and measured between a 5 and 6.
My front teeth measured between a 3 and a 4.
I wiped down my teeth to make sure they were both dry and clean with the fingertip towel they provided.
After applying the gel, I placed the light on my teeth for 20 minutes. If you are doing this at home you will drool . . . A LOT . . . so make sure you have a towel and sink handy.

 My front teeth were 1 shade whiter after only 1 treatment (there are three in the packet).
My side teeth were 2-3 shades lighter!
ESPECIALLY if you have really yellowed teeth, this is an amazing product and MUCH cheaper than visiting the dentist's office.

For more information and to order visit the Dial a Smile and Whitening Lightning website:

Find exclusive savings on their Facebook page:
Or follow them on Twitter:

Wai Lana Songs and Snacks

Last week, we posted about the amazing Wai Lana scrub for Mamas, but did you know that Wai Lana has an amazing children's line as well?

They have this wonderful Little Yogis Snack Pack that is FILLED with things for your little one!

We love this Fun Songs CD and book. The book features the lyrics (so no hunting around online for them), and the music is super fun and entertaining! We love to listen to it in the car.

The snack pack also features some delicious snacks.

We love that this granola is gluten free and we used it for our "indoor camping" time this weekend. The kids loved it.

The Snack Pack also features 2 Little Yogi Bars in Banana Split and Oatmeal Raisin. My kids all preferred the Banana Split, but they were both nutritious and delicious!

Want to get your own snack pack? It can be purchased on their website:

Mamas-- if you are not already a follower of Wai Lana on Facebook, you need to be. They offer daily tips on healthier living, and I LOVE it.

Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners Review

Are you in the midst of potty training, and constantly having to clean up potty chair messes?
It can be a HUGE hassle! ESPECIALLY when you have multiple children in the house and cannot get to your potty training right away.

MamaBreak was given the opportunity to review Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners, and we knew we had to share this new product with our readers!

They come in a cute box, and you can see right on the front how to use them.
You have a plastic cover for the "scoop" part of the chair, and an absorbent pad.
And you put it on the potty chair as seen above.

We love that the company is making potty training just a little easier, and giving mamas a break!

To learn more visit them at:

MamaBreak received Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners to try here on MamaBreak. MamaBreak did not receive any other kind of compensation. As always our experiences and opinions are our own. 

Giveaway for a Good Cause

We teamed up with a great group of bloggers to help a good friend raise some funds for her parents to help with their added travel expenses for her father's Cancer treatments.  In celebration raising awareness for Lung Cancer and ALL OTHER types of Cancer we have gotten together for this giveaway. Some of you know that a few years ago, I lost my own aunt to cancer, and my family  and friends have been struck many times with cancer over the past few years. Cancer SUCKS!
  TWO lucky winner will receive the prizes listed below ! The first winner selected will get their choice (the 3 Sibu products can not be split up) between the Sibu products or the Oral B toothbrush . Giveaway runs from 10/22 - 11/3.

Winner will be announced here, emailed and have 48 hrs to respond or a new winner will be chosen. In order to enter you must be 18+ and a US resident. All entries are verified. The prizes are being shipped by the blogger who has sponsored them and not by MamaBreak. Please feel free, however, to forward any questions or concerns to MamaBreak.

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10/21: Sunday Site Day Survey Sites

Today is Sunday Site Day, where we bring you 5 sites we think you should know about.
Survey sites kind of break down into two types. This week, we will be looking at the larger payouts, but less frequent survey sites. These usually require 1-2 weeks of surveys, but they pay high amounts for that one "survey/ job". I have been completing online surveys for years, and these are the five sites I have found the most beneficial/ profitable.

  • Focus Forward: Focus Forward can be VERY choosy, and it may become frustrating because you will not qualify for all of their surveys. However, when you do, the payout is usually substantial. For instance, they have a survey right now for $175:
    GO TO:
  • Live Wire: I enjoy Live Wire because often the surveys are a lot of fun. The last one I participated in was for Once Upon a Time (I think for $5). The surveys are usually fairly short and pay $5-$10 each.
    GO TO: 
  • 20/20 Research: Similar to Focus Forward, this survey site has really small groups of people that qualify, but the payouts are usually really good. Right now they have a school supplies study that pays $125 if you qualify:
    GO TO: 
  • Baker Street Solution: Baker St will email you with a unique link about once a month (sometimes more infrequently). If you qualify and are within the first participants, you qualify. Payout is generally in an Amazon Gift Card and it comes within a couple of weeks. You need to be fast at responding in order to get into their studies, but they are fast and generally fun surveys.
    GO TO:
  • Resolution Research: Like many of the other surveys, these are not as frequent and have small pools of people that they qualify. The payouts are big, though.
    GO TO:
Next week, we will look at the survey sites that offer TONS of smaller pay out surveys on a daily and weekly basis. 

Champion Me Books Personalized Books Review

My children LOVE to read, and we love incorporating them into stories. We have often been disappointed with other personalized book companies because many of the companies out there are very narrow in terms of the "children" that you create and choose from.

As many of your have probably noticed, my children are non-white. As someone who is very concerned with cultural relations, I try to introduce my children to a wide array of nationalities and cultures. However, it is nice to allow them to have products that celebrate THEM. The problem is that many companies really offer a few versions of children. In general it is a light-skinned child with different colors of hair and eyes. Occasionally, you will find a company that allows for very dark skin, but rarely do you find a company that celebrates not only the multiple skin tones, but eye, mouth, and hair differences as well. We had the hardest time last year creating a doll that looks like my daughter simply because they did not offer an option that DID look like her.

That is why I was THRILLED with my options at Champion Me Books! The Personalized Children's Books feature a large variety of eye shapes, skin tones, hair styles (and textures), and even nose shape. I loved that they really considered the wide array of children in the world, and worked to celebrate those differences.

Champion Me Books has won many awards in the children's book and toy fields!

They offer 4 different titles to feature your child in, and all are very cute! You can create them as e-books as well as soft or hardcover books. Our favorite was [Your Child] vs. The Scribble Monster for our little "artist" who likes to draw all over the house. They also offer:
  • [Your Child] vs. Stonkeropolous
  • [Your Child] in Gadget Land
  • [Your Child] in the Great Escape of Mighty Star! 
All titles are adorable and fun!

You can check out all of the options here: 
Want to create and win your own? Stay tuned, because you KNOW we have a giveaway!!! 

MamaBreak received a code to try out the Champion Me books so that we could adequately review it here on the site. As always, our reviews and opinions are our own. 

My Guardian Review

The overall concept and idea of the book was a good one. In fact, the first few chapters are well-written, well-planned, and well thought out. Within those chapters, the storyline moves at an acceptable pace that the reader can understand and be comfortable with.

However, the remainder of the book is a struggle to get through. The sub-plots change inexplicably, and it is hard to keep up with what is happening in the story. The smaller stories are rushed and not fully conceptualized, and it does not allow for an enjoyable read.

I applaud the young author for her attempt with her first novel, and I look forward to her future work. I think she has amazing ideas that once fully conceptualized will result in a wonderful novel. Slow down, take your time, and tell your story completely.

You can purchase this book in print or online at the publisher, Dorrance Publisher's, website 
or at:

   I received a complimentary copy of My Guardian as a member of the    
    Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team.  Visit
    to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

Darkenss Rising Review

Darkness Rising is actually the 2nd book in the East Salem novels. The books will be a trilogy, with the third book yet to be released. The first book is, "Waking Hours."

When this book arrived, I did not realize it was the second book, and I had not read the first in the series. I was concerned I may have a hard time with the book, but it was actually easy to get into and follow. The writing moved the book along very quickly, and for me it was a somewhat easy read. That is not to say the writing was simplistic, but instead it was so good I simply did not want to put it down. It is a mystery book with a supernatural bend, but I do not want to give away too much of the story so that you can discover its mysteries yourself.

The plot is compelling and will want make you want to keep turning the page as you go along.
I was concerned when I heard the author was a commentator for Fox News (I am not a huge fan), but I did not feel this impacted the overall story or the writing style.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Fun Bites . . . make eating FUN!

I have a 9, 5, and 2 year old at home and sometimes meals can get a little hectic. Finding something that everyone wants can be hard. Have you ever noticed when things are a fin shape, kids are more apt to eat them?

That is where Fun Bites comes in!

Fun bites can cut almost anything from softer fruits and vegetables to meats and cheeses. They can even cut small sandwiches.

We found out fast that it is not a press, but you cut with the part that has handles and then press out anything that is stuck.

My 9 year old loves cutting up her snacks, and since the edges are not sharp, she can do so by herself!

Check out FunButes at: 
Use code: HalloweenFun for 20% off.

MamaBreak received FunBites for review here on the site. However, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

Holiday cards . . . with Tiny Prints

The holidays may seem like a long time away, but you should start thinking about cards. If you have not had your photo done yet, think about doing an outdoor photo while it is still nice. My kids always behave so much better outside!

We especially love the options at Tiny Prints. Celebrate the holidays with customized Christmas cards from Tiny Prints! They are unique, fun, and VERY easy to make.

This was our final product:
We love how beautiful the colors are against our sepia toned photo!

We love the quality . . . and especially the prices on Tiny Prints.
Check out the latest coupons from Tiny Prints happening RIGHT NOW:

You can find Tiny Prints on the following Social Media networks:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:

What was that? You want a GIVEAWAY!!! Well, we can make that happen! ENTER HERE!!!!!

MamaBreak received a giftcard to Tiny Prints tin exchange for sharing our holiday card with our readers. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own.

Food Should Taste Good!

NEW Favorite snack of hubby and kiddo is the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips.

A delicious tasting tortilla chip made with....Sweet Potatoes!  Yes, you heard it right!  These are super snacks with a black bean corn salsa or even just plain!

My family loves that these chips are made with non-GMO ingredients and are gluten free. While none of our family has an allergy to gluten, it's nice to get a snack and chip product without it.  I'll save the gluten for another snack!

If you are interested in trying these out, checkout their website and other products too! There are some pretty awesome crackers, too!

Happy Snacking!

Roaring Spring Review

Have you ever found a product that you thought, "Oh my word! How cool!"
That is how I felt when I first found out about Roaring Spring. I am ALWAYS looking for cool, unique paper products. I love sending my kids to school with items that are unique and make them feel special.

What is so "neat" about Roaring Spring? It is made from SUGAR CANE!!! If you are like me, you are thinking, they can make PAPER from SUGAR CANE? Yep, they sure can.

They make legal pads that are really neat. The above legal pad is actually wider than it is long and it is the EXACT size of my laptop. Think about the last time you tried to write and all you had was a laptop. This makes it MUCH easier. The smaller pad is perfect for placing on the side of your computer to write, or even to place over your screen (not to write but to look at).

What I loved most were the notebooks. My daughter lobes them because it says they are made from sugar cane. The paper is excellent quality, and the colored papers are really rich and beautiful (as you can see with the blue above).

I love that the paper is more eco-friendly!!! It is made from sustainable, RECOVERED, Sugar Cane fiber! Wow!

Cool idea? Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

MamaBreak received Roaring Spring products to review here on the site. MamaBreak did not receive any other type of compensation. As always our opinions and experiences are our own.