Summer Camp Time: Different Types of Summer Camps

Summer Camp-already!?  This post will discuss some Summer Day Camp ideas for kids!

With a little over 30--yes, THIRTY, days away from our schools getting out for summer, camps have been on my mind lately.  This post will detail some great ideas for ANY kiddo in ANY area to learn about various camps.  This summer, I think my 3 year old will participate in a science camp and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our home church.

Science Camp--enough said, learn science stuff!
Y-Camps--exercise and be active!
Vacation Bible Schools--some moms checkout ALL the churches in the area and send their kids to VBS (usually 3 hours a day) for an entire MONTH! In our area, VBS is FREE!  This means FREE summer camp and mom can get some errands done!
Adventure Camps: include SO many fun outdoor adventures!

Swim Camp--learn how to swim better in a condensed time frame! We love these! Similar to swim lessons, your little fishey can get lots of socializing done too!

Fishin' Camp: aka a week with Grandpa!

Music & Signing Camps
Sports Camps

There are SO many other fun types of camps! I think we will post again. Leave a comment and share with us about your kiddo's fav camps!

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  1. When I was a kid I loved going to church camp, I went every summer until I was 13.