Juil Review: Connecting Me to the Earth

I love shoes, and I especially love shoes that are both stylish and comfortable! I was thrilled to try out a pair of Juil shoes, sent to me for free by Juil to review here, and see for myself how truly wonderful they are!

I tried out the Holland shoe, which is a clog shoe. I chose this style because, as you can see, it is still VERY cold here in ND. I am VERY glad I did because shortly after I received the shoes, I started to experience a lot of foot pain. Years ago, I had surgery on my left foot. I am extremely flat footed and had a bunion-like surgery on that foot. Well, I got married, kids came along, and I lost track of time-- never getting the surgery done on the right food. When they x-rayed my foot, it was clear the main bone near my big toe had slipped out of place, meaning I would need to have surgery again. I am a busy, working mom-- having surgery right then was NOT an option, so I was advised to wear a pair of shoes with a sturdy sole-- "just like those," the doctor said. I was, of course, wearing my Juil shoes!

Juil shoes contain copper in their soles, which is both on the bottom of the shoe, as well as in the shoe at the heel and at the toes.

My Holland shoes are perfect and I actually do not have foot pain when I wear them (as I do with almost all of my other shoes). They are easy to put on and take off, and fit wonderfully! On top of all of that, they are actually quite stylish and can be worn with jeans or dress slacks!

If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes, then you need to look into Juil! The bet part? They are having an Earth Day Sale right now with sales up to 50% off!!!!
You can purchase them at: https://juil.com/
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MamaBreak received a pair of Juils to review here on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 


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  2. That shoes look comfy and warm. I need that kind of shoe because like your weather there in ND, it is still very cold here in MN.

  3. I love clogs and these look so cute and comfy. Never heard of Juil before... going to check them out!