mn8 for Period Pain

Do you ever have those situations where someone is telling you how wonderful something is, and you should try it . . . and you are thinking, "Yeah, right! Like that could really work!" I have to say when I started looking into mn8 to review, I was VERY skeptical. An object that eliminates period pain . . . by attaching it to your underwear????

The mn8 is a magnetic device that you attach to the upper part of the front of your underwear right before your period. You then wear it throughout your period to eliminate or reduce your period pain. And I know what you are thinking . . . "Yeah, right!"

So, here is the truth. I used it last month during my regular cycle. I have had VERY intense cramps and pain during my period, to the point that the doctor has suggested taking birth control pills in order to alleviate the pain and other symptoms I have been having (dizziness, lightheadedness, etc). This is the strange thing . . . IT WORKS. And I mean it REALLY WORKS! I have no idea HOW it works, I do not know why it works . . . but my pain was greatly reduced to almost nothing. My dizziness was eliminated, and in general it was not the normal horrific experience it has been since having my third child. I have tried hormone creams, hormone over-the-counter supplements, and just a ton of things-- none of them worked. But the mn8-- it did!!! This allowed me to stop taking needless supplements!!!

I read the testimonies online before getting my own mn8 and was very skeptical that actual people could have those kinds of results, but I am a 100% believer now! I am going to wear my mn8 every month!!!

Want to read more testimonials? Check them out on the LadyCare USA website:

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  1. This is some very useful information for all women, thanks for sharing, and great post.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is even pretty in the pink color. L-