Alien Eggs One Pot (Pan) with Good Cook and the Build Your Kitchen Drawer Contest

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat breakfast. It always seemed like an uphill battle for me, which is a frustrating way to start the day! I love finding creative, easy ways to make breakfast more kid friendly. We recently received some fabulous Good Cook Tools and decided to use the Egg Separator to make our own Alien Eggs!

The one essential tool you will need is an egg separator. Your eggs will not appear vibrant and colored if you do not separate. Worried about not having the yolk in there? We will add that later.

First crack your egg over a bowl into an egg separator. This is a fairly easy task, and it is usually the job of my 7 year old.

Then add I separate the eggs out. Yolks in one bowl, 2 eggs worth of whites in one, 2 eggs worth of white in another (3 bowls total).

Then, add food coloring. You will see here we use green and blue to make our alien eggs, but if you have a little one who loves a different color, add that color!

Then, mix the dye into the egg white and add ONLY that egg to the pan. Chop up the pieces as they cook to get a good scramble. Do this with each bowl of egg white.

Then, if you wish to add the yolk, scramble that as well. Put all of the scrambled eggs onto 1 plate, and you have alien eggs! Fun to eat, healthy, and a great start to the day!

You can find kitchen essential tools like a Safe Cut Can Opener, Flip Measuring Spoon, Pot Clip Holder, and Smart Ice Cream Scoop at Good Cook. You will also want to check the side button for more information of how you can win your perfect kitchen drawer!  You can start entering June 2nd.
During the contest, everything on will be 25% off, but if you enter to win you can get instant prizes as well as additional discounts.

What is the Build Your Kitchen Drawer Sweepstakes?
You can build your ideal Kitchen Drawer filled with great Good Cook tools and gadgets. Visit and choose up to 15 items from selected Good Cook products to create your ideal kitchen drawer then enter to win everything you selected. If you can’t decide what you want, you can let our Kitchen Experts help - simply choose one of our featured Kitchen Expert Blogger drawers and enter it for a chance to win.
Win more kitchen items from Good Cook
You can participate in the first 5-day product giveaway on Facebook starting June 2 – June 7 and win selected products you can add to your drawer. Also, there will be Instant winners! Every drawer entered has a chance to win an instant prize, and participants can submit a new drawer every day for a chance to win.

Look for the “ADD ME” icon below on any participating product and add that item to their drawer.

iBitz from Best Buy Review

The  reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

 As I reported on Facebook a few weeks ago, my oldest daughter and were so excited to try out the iBitz and iBitz kids we received for review from Best Buy!

This is such an incredible device. While it is a traditional pedometer and tracks your steps, we love that it syncs with an app on the phone.

The kids app is super fun and includes tons of great graphics. You can also add incentives to your child's app. This was not a feature we tried out.
Instead, we concentrated on challenging one another. I was able to add both her device (and account) to my own app, so we could challenge each other on a daily basis to take more steps! It was a great way to incentivize both of us to take more steps during the day!

The iBitz and iBitz kids comes in tons of super fun colors! My daughter loved her bright orange one, and it has a clip you hook right on to your shoe!

The company includes this helpful information:

ibitz™ by GeoPalz® is a wireless pedometer. The new ibitz Kid and Adult Wireless Pedometers, are physical activity based devices and apps that wirelessly syncs to your iOS Bluetooth 4.0® (BLE) phone or tablet and allows adults and children their own unique experience with personalized apps. The ibitz Unity for adults tracks steps, distance, weight (added manually), height, overall physical activity, even BMI, and allows them to incorporate their family and friends. Now you are able to form groups and post your progress on social media.
The ibitz for kids wireless pedometer syncs to a rewards platform app.  Parents can set goals and rewards such as play time, screen time, or an adventure with a parent.  Now you are able to earn coins and content on Disney's Club Penguin.
The ibitz  by GeoPalz wireless pedometers make investing in a healthy future completely effortless, fun, intelligent, and affordable.
·         available in 7 kid-friendly colors
·         free iOS app* syncs device wirelessly
·         syncs via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
·         tracks activity
·         set goals and rewards
·         water-resistant
·         durable clip for hip and shoe
·         stores 30 days of activity
·         earn parent directed rewards
·         earn coins and content on Disney’s Club Penguin

Check out all of the options at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Googaro May Review

So, one of my new boxes I thought I would try out this month was Googaro. Googaro is for children ages 0-3, and you can specify the age and gender of your child. My youngest child is 3, so we were very excited to get this box.

In the box (please note the below links include where we got our pricing info and may include affiliate links).

  • Moomin Feelings Flash Cards, Amazon price $13.49. These are really odd. I am not sure what I am actually supposed to do with them. I think some of the feelings are beyond my daughter's real understanding, and then I don't know what they are really supposed to teach? The nice thing is, I am teaching an oral interpretation class in the Fall, so these WILL fit in there. 
  • Rich Frog Bath Sponge Turtle, Amazon price $5.98 (estimated). This is actually a part of a SET, and I only got one part of the set. My information card says I will get a bath mitt (and shows a picture of a bath mitt), but clearly I got a turtle. We tend not to use these types of bath toys because they can collect mold fast (in my experience). 
  • BeginAgain Puffer Fish, Web price $4.00. Again, we do not use bath toys with holes in them, as mold can so easily grow inside the toy. We threw out our bath toys with holes in the bottom ages ago, so this one will not be sticking around either. 
  • Melissa & Doug Baby Farm Animals Stamp Set, Amazon price $6.99. We actually got these in a box a few months ago from Citrus Lane. They, however, were in a 4+ box. This is not surprising since the toy is 4+ based on the very small stamps. For a 3 year old box, this was a bit of a surprise to see. 
  • Finally, there is a stainless steel water bottle. It is, disappointingly, branded with a big Googaroo stamp. Googaroo, oddly enough has this valued at $9.99!!!???!!! Even though, they clearly got it from Discount Mugs (sticker on the bottom indicated that is where it is from), at a price of possibly $2.68 (discounts are given based on how many are ordered). Because it is a promotional item from the company from a promotional company, I am not giving it a value. I am disappointed that such an item was included as a part of the value of my overall box, when it is just a marketing tool for them. If they want to include it as an "added bonus" that would be acceptable.

Total value: $30.46   If this was a box that was priced lower, it would be one thing, but at $35 a month, this is NOT a good value. Even if we take the value of the water bottle for what it was listed on the website for, the value was still only $33.14.

Needless to say, we do not recommend this box, as it did not give an overall good value. When you figure in what we will and will not use, that value is even lower. 

Qbox May Review and Coupon Code

Qbox is one of my latest obsessions! It is a box with products from mainly Japan and Korea, but it ships from Canada. Super cute items, with 5-7 full sized items each month.

Many of the products are not available in the U.S.
Prices and links are provided where accessible.

In the box:
  • 3CE Silky Touch Facial Cleansing Brush. $15
  • Laura Ashley Reversible Tote Bag. $20
  • Desk Zaka Butterfly Sticky Notes. $7.50
  • Gelato Pique Ice Cream Phone Case (for iPhone 5/5s). This BARELY fit my iPhone 5C. $12
  • Mercury Duo Rhinestone Flower Headband. $12
  • Basic Materials Snail Wineglass Labels. $8
Total value: $74.50. This is a great value, as Qbox is only $24.95 plus shipping (which was $7.50 for me). Use code ENJOY1ST to get 10% off your first order! They also have a Summer Surprise box that is a reported value of over $200!!!! It is only $59.99 plus $7.50 shipping. I already ordered mine! The June box is sold out, but you can pre-order for July now! 

Citrus Lane Lane May 2014 Review and Coupon Code

What a fantastic box this month! This just arrived for our son and is at the top of their age brackets. He is 7, but the highest their boxes go is age 5. Still very appropriate for him, which is why we keep subscribing for him!

Check out this amazing box!
What's in the box? (as always, the links provided below will lead you to the page where we found the price. We believe in complete transparency in pricing the boxes, and always try to find the best online price for items. Some of the links provided may be affiliate or referral links).
Total value: $36.26. This is an incredible value, because Citrus Lane is only $29 a month. What is even BETTER???!!!??? Use the code SPRING20 and click through HERE and you will save $20 making your first box only $9!!!! 

UPDATE: Our daughter got her box today and is in love with everything! She is so excited! Everything is relatively the same, except the patterns of items. Her frisbee is a turtle, which is hard to see in the picture.

Social Bliss May Box Worth More Than $200!!!!!

Did you hear the news!!???!!!! Social Bliss will have an over $200 value this month!! All for only $39.95 plus shipping

Social Bliss is one of our FAVORITE boxes!! We cannot wait for May's box!

This post contains referral links. This will not impact your shopping experience. Our opinion and experiences are our own.

Bluum Review: BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

If you are a fan of our Facebook page, you know we have been warning you about Bluum for a while! We posted back them WAY back in May 2012:
Last year, Bluum promised a "new and improved" box. And they started charging more.
Then, we started hearing from fans that Bluum was charging people's cards after they had cancelled. Bluum was sending emails to update accounts that were supposed to be closed. And then, last month, Bluum acquired Stork Stack. This is a company that people need to be aware of! That people should know NOT to give their credit card to---EVER!!!!! I have heard from about 20 people now that their accounts have been charged from subscriptions that were cancelled over a YEAR ago!!!! This includes both Bluum accounts AND Stork Stack accounts!!! Many, many people are reporting this. PLEASE contact Bluum and let them know this is unacceptable!!!!! We were not charged again on our credit card, but I can only assume it is because we have replaced our credit card since that time! This is the email one customer received after complaining about having an unauthorized charge on her credit card for an account cancelled more than a YEAR ago:
Bluum-- test charging accounts that are cancelled is NOT normal!!!!! When I pay at a restaurant it is because I am eating THEN. Saying that it is the same would be like claiming a restaurant charging your card $5 randomly a year after you ate there is completely normal business practice!!!! This is unacceptable business practice!!!!

We thank our MamaBreak fan for sharing her reply email!

Two Fantastic Amazon Deals!!!

Have you been wanting an Infusing Water Bottle? I know I have been! It was on my Amazon wish list for AGES and today it came off because of this great deal!!!

Use code SDWATER1 to get it for only $10!!!!!!

Use code SDGLOVES to get them for only $8.50!!!!!!!

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Review: Julep Maven Subscription for May – Fresh Twist Collection Review and Free Box Code!

Julep debuted their new Plie Wand in their Julep Maven subscription boxes this month! The wand is meant to be gripped like a pen, with the longer handle attaching to the bottle’s brush to make painting your nails easier. I received the Plie Wand as part of my Boho Glam box, along with light blue crème Jeanne and lavender shimmer Paulette. I also added on a third polish, Laree, and the Creativity Kit for the Plie Wand, which includes a dotting tool and a striping brush.
Julep Maven Subscription May 2014

I was dying to try out the shimmers and test the Plie Wand right away, so I laid out my new tools.
Julep May French Twist Collection

If you take a look at the polishes in the picture, you can see that the rectangular outer cap on Julep bottles come off to reveal a rounded cap beneath. The rounded cap has the brush attached, and you can swatch the color on the outer lid because of this set up. Julep has taken advantage of this same design to make the Plie Wand work on any Julep nail polish; you remove the outer lid and magnetically attach another cap that fits over the rounded cap. With the creativity kit, you can also attach either a dotting tool or precision striping brush to the wand.
Julep Plie Wand

 I wasn’t sure what I’d think of the Plie Wand, but I liked it enough that I’ll try it again. I definitely had less clean up to do when I was done because I had more control over the brush, but I also painted my nails slower as I got used to the new method. The wand pivots to sit more comfortably in your non-dominant hand, but it took me a couple of tries to figure out where “comfortably” was. Dotting and striping with the Plie Wand were very simple though, so I was glad I’d added on the creativity kit!

Here’s my manicure – one hand before nail art, and the other hand after. Julep describes Paulette as “golden lilac tulle shimmer,” and Laree as “golden pink taffeta shimmer.” The shimmer on Paulette is a little more subtle, but I love both!
Julep Paulette and Laree

If you’re interested in trying a Julep subscription, you’d be starting at an exciting time! All new Mavens will have a completely customizable box, called My Maven. Julep will still curate boxes for each of their style profiles, but you’ll be able to swap out polishes or products if you prefer other options from that month’s offerings. (For example, if this month’s box were customizable for me, I could have switched out the blue Jeanne that came with my Boho Glam box for the pink Laree that I added on at an additional cost.) My Maven customizable subscriptions are $24.99 a month, but if you prepay for 3 months the price drops to $19.99 a month. Want to just try one box and see if you like it first? You can start your subscription with a free box using code FREEBOX, and you only have to pay $3.95 shipping. 
This post was provided by a MamaBreak fan! Any and all links are provided by the fan.

Allure Summer Beauty Box UNBOXING 2014

I am SOOO excited!!! My Allure Summer Beauty box ARRIVED!!! I had done a pre-order of mine, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Watch an unboxing below or just keep scrolling for all of the details!!!

Included in the box:
(reminder that all links below are live links to the product and location of the value we list)
Allure Summer Beauty Box 2014

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