The Mombo Nursing Pillow

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Are you looking for a new nursing pillow? The Mombo may be the perfect pillow for you. I used a nursing pillow for so many things, and I will be really honest-- I even use one now that I am done nursing. A great nursing pillow, like the Mombo can be used to support the baby while breastfeeding. This puts the baby in an elevated position, so that he/ she is a little "up" more. It also gives your arms a little break. We also used our nursing pillow for assisting in letting younger siblings in holding the baby, as well as bottle feedings. The c-shape conveniently fits around your waist, making it comfortable for you and the baby!

Having a nursing pillow is so helpful and useful, especially if you are breastfeeding. I found it to be a lifesaver after my c-section with my children. We love this soft design of their deluxe pillow.
And when your baby gets a little older, it makes a great support pillow! We love that The Mombo comes with a soothing vibration insert! 

 The Mombo is available at Toys R Us (and Babies R Us). The Mombo is from Comfort & Harmony, which supplies some amazing products such as portable swings and soothing rockers for babies! 

Check out all they have to offer and make sure to follow them on:

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Tuesday Tunes Day

My kids sing this when they brush their teeth. We love this song!

American Girl Bitty Twins Giveaway

Welcome to the American Girl Bitty Twins Spring Giveaway

Organized by Mom to Bed by 8 & co-hosted by Iowa Mom.
The on-the-go Bitty Twins offer so many ways to mix and match! Choose skin tone, hair color, and gender to create your favorite pair. They come with full outfits, hair for styling, and a special book. Add to the fun with accessories and Dress Like Your Doll clothing. These 15-inch dolls are for ages 3 and up.

One lucky winner will receive an American Girl Bitty Twins + Book Set!

Even better we are giving you the opportunity to select boy-girl, 2 girls or 2 boys. You also get to select skin and hair shade of each.
Giveaway ends May 13th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.
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NBC Share and Tell Giveaway

Who wants to win a fabulous prize NBC's Share and Tell?

What is NBC’s Share and Tell? 
Did you know that for every pound of new goods produced, 71 pounds of waste are generated during manufacturing? This Earth Week, NBCUniversal is partnering with the sharing site yerdle to help you minimize your impact on the planet by sharing your stuff. One person’s stuff is another person’s story!

Here’s how it works. 1) Join or host a Share & Tell Party (click the “Join the Party” button in the app below).
2) Post your stuff to share with friends. Discover other items that are up for grabs. 
3) Tell the story of your sharing experiences on your favorite social media site. #ShareandTell.

One reader at MamaBreak will win a fabulous prize pack with the following:

  •   One Green is Universal canvas tote bag (made from recycled cotton)
  • Two items listed below (chosen at random)
    • Planet Ocean DVD
    • Green is Universal T-shirt (made by Alternative Apparel) 
    • Green is Universal colored pencil kits (made from recycled newspaper) 
    • Green is Universal Vapur water bottles (BPA-free) 
    • Green is Universal hardboard cover spiral bound notebook (not pictured)
    • Green is Universal burlap FEED bag (not pictured)

Are you excited? Enter below!

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Mmm Monday

I have been following Money Saving Mom's blog for four years. I found these awesome freezer friendly burritos and LOVE them. These great burritos help feed our family all the time. Plus, we can change the inside of them each week!

Happy breakfasting!

Thanks to MoneySavingMom and her delicious Recipe

Blurb for Mother's Day

Blurb compensated MamaBreak for the posting of this ad. 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, consider making something extra special for mom! The Blurb Designer Instant book template makes creating a professional quality photo book filled with memories for mom a snap. Instant Books are easy to create, take about an hour, and start at just $12.99. This is definitely a present she will leave on the coffee table for everyone to see each and every day! Start creating your Blurb Designer Instant Book today and save 20% with promo code LOVEYOUMOM valid through 5/10/13! 

Blurb compensated MamaBreak for the posting of this ad. 

mn8 for Period Pain

Do you ever have those situations where someone is telling you how wonderful something is, and you should try it . . . and you are thinking, "Yeah, right! Like that could really work!" I have to say when I started looking into mn8 to review, I was VERY skeptical. An object that eliminates period pain . . . by attaching it to your underwear????

The mn8 is a magnetic device that you attach to the upper part of the front of your underwear right before your period. You then wear it throughout your period to eliminate or reduce your period pain. And I know what you are thinking . . . "Yeah, right!"

So, here is the truth. I used it last month during my regular cycle. I have had VERY intense cramps and pain during my period, to the point that the doctor has suggested taking birth control pills in order to alleviate the pain and other symptoms I have been having (dizziness, lightheadedness, etc). This is the strange thing . . . IT WORKS. And I mean it REALLY WORKS! I have no idea HOW it works, I do not know why it works . . . but my pain was greatly reduced to almost nothing. My dizziness was eliminated, and in general it was not the normal horrific experience it has been since having my third child. I have tried hormone creams, hormone over-the-counter supplements, and just a ton of things-- none of them worked. But the mn8-- it did!!! This allowed me to stop taking needless supplements!!!

I read the testimonies online before getting my own mn8 and was very skeptical that actual people could have those kinds of results, but I am a 100% believer now! I am going to wear my mn8 every month!!!

Want to read more testimonials? Check them out on the LadyCare USA website:

MamaBreak received an mn8 to review here on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own.

Top 10 Reasons I want to be healthier

As you all know, this is my week that kicks off my getting healthier journey! I hope you enjoyed starting the journey with me! Here are the top 10 reason I want to get healthier:

  • I want to be able to chase my 3 year old around the house without getting tired!
  • I want to wake up with energy, not tired. 
  • I want to fit into fabulous designer clothing again. 
  • I want to feel better about myself.
  • I want to see my kids grow into old age, and their children's children. 
  • I want to feel as great on the outside as I do on the inside!
  • I want to have clearer, healthier skin. 
  • I want to have fuller, healthier hair. 
  • I want to have enough energy at the end of the day that I can come home after work and enjoy my family. 
  • I want to be a positive role model for healthy living to my children. 

Mother's Day Warner Bros Giveaway!!

 Mother's Day is right around the corner, and next week will be a week full of Mother's Day posts! We are so excited! To kick it off, we are bringing you this fantastic giveaway from Warner Bros!

Play the Warner Bros Game! Super fun! Challenge your friends!

Want to win one of the following fantastic movies?
- A Star is Born (1976) (Blu-ray)
- Cabaret (1972) (Blu-ray)

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Citrus Lane April 2013 Review

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Hello, Mamas!
Well, I think we FINALLY received ALL of our Citrus Lane boxes, but it was well worth the wait! In case you do not know, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box service. Prices normally at $25 a box, you can use this LINK (CLICK HERE), and you should get $10 off of your subscription. Ordering more than one month? Click on the LINK (CLICK HERE) Use code BREAK10 to save 10% off. If this is your first box FIRSTBOX will take 50% off of your first box!

If this is your first review of a subscription box, please let us clarify our valuing system. We generally use Amazon prices. We find this is the easiest and most fair way of applying value. In that, it is according to the Amazon price we find at the time of our post. If an Amazon price cannot be obtained, we attempt to find the best web price available.

On to the boxes. We have tried to get a sampling of all of the boxes available this month, so we hope we have a representation of what everyone got. If not, we are always happy to add to our post what others may have received.

2 year old box Girl Box. Please note that we also were able to obtain images of the 2 year old boy box. The box was exactly the same with the exception of color differences.

  • Oogaa Silicone Placemat. Amazon Value: $8.34
  • Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash. Web Value: $9.95
  • 1 square Innobaby Keepin Fresh. Amazon Value: $4.50
  • 1 Circle Innobaby Keeping Fresh. Amazon Value: $3.10
  • Plum Organics Mashable. Amazon Value: $1.10
  • Melissa & Doug Paint with Water. Amazon Value: $5.60
Final value: $32.49

Infant (1 month) girl box. 

In the box:
  • Aiden & Anais Burpy Bib. Amazon Value: $9.35
  • Innobaby Easy Grip Teether. Web Value: $4.95
  • Oogaa Pink Train Spoon. Amazon Value: $5.99
  • Honest Company Bath Wash and Shampoo. Web Value: $9.95
  • Added bonus-- the Aiden & Anais burpy bib also included 2 Mum & Bub samples. For an added $1.20 in value. 
Final value: $31.44

Older Child Girl Box (5 year old girl). We also received a 5 year old boy box, which was the same with the exception of different colors and an animal stamp set (rather than the butterflies below).

In the box:
  • Oogaa Silicone Placemat. Amazon Value: $8.34
  • Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash. Online Value: $9.95
  • 1 square Innobaby Keepin Fresh. Amazon Value: $4.50
  • Melissa & Doug Stamp Set. Amazon Value: $6.97
Final value: $29.76-- STILL a good deal. 

3 Year old Boy Box (we are unsure why there was a difference in the 2 year old boy and 5 year old boy, but there was-- I believe that Mama Steph Received the Innbaby juice holder because I had received that in a past box). 
In the box:
  • Oogaa Silicone Placemat. Amazon Value: $8.34
  • Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash. Web Value: $9.95
  • Innobaby Keepa Drink Holder. Web Value: $5.99
  • Plum Organics Mashable. Amazon Value: $1.10
  • Melissa & Doug Paint with Water. Amazon Value: $5.60
Final Value: $30.98

5 month old Baby boy box. 
  • Melissa and Doug Spinning Penguin. Amazon Value: $8.53
  • EZ grip training teether from Innobabay (yellow). Web Value: $4.95
  • Silicon Train Spoon (green). Amazon value: $5.99
  • Little cremes from Plum Organics. Amazon value: $2.83
  • Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash. Web Value: $9.95
Final Value $32.25

This should show you an accurate view of the variety of Citrus Lane boxes that came in April. You can see that they vary greatly based on past boxes, gender, and age of the child. I love this month's boxes a TON, and loved almost every item!!! It is a fun way to treat your kids to something special each month!

The links in this post are referral links and MamaBreak may receive a credit for their use. 

To Grandmother's House we Go!

We are traveling this weekend and I am trying to list all the things we need to take.  HOW do you travel light?  What makes the cut!?  With a grandma who is a day care provider, I am pretty lucky.

We are only going for a weekend, but I feel like I might as well bring ALL of it along!?

What things do you take to make it easier? How do you organize your items in the car?  Would love some advice!

Here is our list so far:

Travel bag of clothes for 2 little men
Extra shoes
Bottles (just in case bf baby needs it!?)
Pillow, lovie, blankie for big boy
Hoodie, jacket, extra socks and blankets for lil boy
Diaper changing pad
Nursing stool
Bouncy seat
Hard water bottle (for mom)
Sound machine Xs 2
Car snacks for kiddo and mom
Moms bag
Dads bag
Moms Pillow
Dog food + dog bowl

Our car will be STUFFED to the gills.

Zaggora Pants to Sweat the Weight Off!

When I first heard about Zaggora, I have to tell you-- I did not know what to think. Clothing that can help you to lose weight??? Really?? REALLY!!!!

I was so excited to try out Zaggora when working out, because every little bit helps! The outside of the pants are not much different than most work out clothes. They do not look really out of the ordinary.

That is until you can actually feel them. The inside is an almost cushioned fabric and when you put on the pants, it is very similar to putting on a surfing or scuba suit.

Do they work? Holy cow! They DO!!!! I put them on, and they do cause me to sweat more and feel like I have worked out my legs, thighs, and even stomach a little more! They are now my go to pants when I work out!

You can check out their full line of athletic gear at:
They are on Facebook at:

MamaBreak received a pair of hot pants to review. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

$100 Flash giveaway!!!!

$100 Flash Cash Giveaway!

Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8
One lucky reader will receive their choice of $100 via paypal or a $100 Amazon Gift Card!
Giveaway ends April 25th at at 8pm eastern, open to US residents only, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!
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Wordless Wednesday: Silly Siblings!

SodaStream Review and Giveaway

We love our original SodaStream that we have had for about 6 months, and were thrilled to be offered a review of the new "Genesis" SodaStream.

What makes this SodaStream different? It dones with 2 bottles rather than 1 (which I love). I cannot even tell you how much easier this makes it, especially with a family of 5! It also has a sleeker design than our original SodaStream, so it fits in more with our new kitchen appliances.

We really liked this sampler set they included with the SodaStream! What a great way to try a TON of flavors.

By and far, our favorite is the Grapefruit soda! We love that the soda does not contain high fructose corn syrup, making it just a little healthier than traditional soda. It also saves money because you can make your own soda at home! My kids love using the SodaStream, and that is how easy it is to make. My 9 year old has already mastered making her own soda.

As a part of our healthy journey, soda may not seem the perfect fit, but we think it is a much better choice than traditional soda. You can also buy flavors called "my water" which is like drinking soda, but with just a touch of flavor. They also now have Crystal Light flavors, so there are many healthier options for soda drinking! When we are craving and absolutely MUST have soda, we have started turning to the SodaStream rather than regular soda!

You can find all of the SodaStream models and flavors at:
Follow them on Facebook at:
And on Twitter:

MamaBreak received a SodaStream to review here on the website. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

Want to win your own SodaStream? We know you do!!! Enter to win this amazing prize pack worth $99.95!!!! It includes:

-          Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)
-          1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
-          Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
-          Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
-          3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Enter below!!!

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Navitas Naturals for Snacks!

As you know, I am on a journey to be healthier, and I will tell you my weakness is CHOCOLATE!! I LOVE chocolate, but hate all the calories! Chocolate is my go to food for stress, and I cannot imagine my life without it.
I am so happy I got to review for Navitas Naturals, because I found a way to incorporate chocolate into my new healthy eating plans! Healthy chocolate??? YES!!!!!!

These are Navitas Naturals Organic Sweet Raw Cacao Nibs. I am not crazy about the 6 grams of saturated fat that they have, but that is for a serving size of 1 oz, which is NOT how much I eat. I eat about this much, when I start to have a craving for chocolate.
It is enough for my craving to be taken care of, and is a nice little mid-day treat! 1 ounce also has 5 grams of fiber, so they are much healthier than just eating an entire chocolate bar (with 150 calories for 1 oz). Our measurement should that we eat about .05 ounces per serving rather than a full ounce.

We also are enjoying these Cacao Goji Superfood as a snack. We eat one little "bar" to give us energy and sugar when we need it. Although there are 120 calories and 53 fat calories, that is for a considerable amount more than 1 bar (in our measurement, a serving is about 2 bars).

While these would not be good to replace a meal, as a small snack in between meals, it is a great way to satisfy "sweet" craving!!

You can find Navitas Naturals at:
On Facebook at:
On Twitter at:
And on YouTube at:

MamaBreak received snacks to review here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

Juil Review: Connecting Me to the Earth

I love shoes, and I especially love shoes that are both stylish and comfortable! I was thrilled to try out a pair of Juil shoes, sent to me for free by Juil to review here, and see for myself how truly wonderful they are!

I tried out the Holland shoe, which is a clog shoe. I chose this style because, as you can see, it is still VERY cold here in ND. I am VERY glad I did because shortly after I received the shoes, I started to experience a lot of foot pain. Years ago, I had surgery on my left foot. I am extremely flat footed and had a bunion-like surgery on that foot. Well, I got married, kids came along, and I lost track of time-- never getting the surgery done on the right food. When they x-rayed my foot, it was clear the main bone near my big toe had slipped out of place, meaning I would need to have surgery again. I am a busy, working mom-- having surgery right then was NOT an option, so I was advised to wear a pair of shoes with a sturdy sole-- "just like those," the doctor said. I was, of course, wearing my Juil shoes!

Juil shoes contain copper in their soles, which is both on the bottom of the shoe, as well as in the shoe at the heel and at the toes.

My Holland shoes are perfect and I actually do not have foot pain when I wear them (as I do with almost all of my other shoes). They are easy to put on and take off, and fit wonderfully! On top of all of that, they are actually quite stylish and can be worn with jeans or dress slacks!

If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes, then you need to look into Juil! The bet part? They are having an Earth Day Sale right now with sales up to 50% off!!!!
You can purchase them at:
Follow them on:
Google Plus:
And their very own blog!

MamaBreak received a pair of Juils to review here on the site. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

Run Lola Run: My WorkOut Soundtrack

I think having the right music when you are working out it so important! I love to work out to Run Lola Run!

Nature Bright for Light Therapy

Who would have thought that in the middle of April I would be talking about light therapy? I want to share with you my front and back yard.

It seems that winter will NEVER end, and I can tell you that the lack of sunshine and warmth has greatly impacted my mental and physical health. I am more tired, crabbier, and NEED spring-- NOW! Such a long time with lack of sunshine and warmth can often lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). From living in such a cold place, I can tell you that SAD is VERY real We have now had winter for 6 months, which is a LONG time to not be outside!

I had read a lot about light therapy, and am thrilled to bring you a review of the NatureBrite SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp.

This is a wonderfully sized lamp that you can turn on and use while doing other activities. You can have it on in your office, whie watching television, any of your daily activities-- as long as you are within 18 inches of the light. I have been turning mine on while blogging for 30 minutes each day, and I cannot even begin to describe the difference it has made. I am happier and have more energy.

After such a LONG winter, I think this light should be a standard in all homes in the upper midwest. It has been a while since we have been able to enjoy the sunlight, and your body need the sunlight to properly function. This light allows you to get the benefits of the sun, even in the cold, winter months. It has time settings and an Ion Therapy, which you can turn off an on.

You can find NatureBright and all of their products at:
They are also on YouTube at:
Facebook at:
And on Twitter: @NatureBright

MamaBreak received a therapy lamp to review here on the website. We did not receive any other type of 
compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

A Little Hippie Boutique Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for the PERFECT spring or summer dress for your little one? We are so in love with the dress we were able to review from A Little Hippie Boutique. They make the cutest clothing, and the owner is just amazing to work with!

We reviewed this beautiful dress in a size 2 for my daughter. How bright and colorful! She loves how loosely it hangs on her because when she twirls, it makes a big circle around her. 

You can find A Little Hippie Boutique on Etsy at: 
You can also find her newest creations at:
You can also contact the owner to have her make custom orders!!!

MamaBreak received a dress to review here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other kind of compensation. As always, our experiences and opinions are our own. 

Want to win your OWN dress for your little one from A Little Hippy Boutique? 
Enter below!

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Mmmm Monday: White Lasagne

So I really think it's a good thing I don't come up with any of these recipes. I find them from friends who cook well or bloggers or good ole  I love trying new recipes, but I rarely find ones that I LOVE. The ones my family loves, I feel comfortable sharing on the blog.

My confession:  Yesterday, I MESSED UP hard boiled eggs.  Our thrifty lunch of egg salad on toasted (aka: OLD) bread turned the eggs, peeling warm eggs (it takes FOREVER) and then realizing the yolks STILL weren't cooked enough.  EW.  Now, We have a dozen hard boiled egg whites--for Cobb salad tomorrow, I guess!?  YIKES! Bad day!

Photo from

With that said, this recipe is NOT from me!  My friend Katie made this awesome White Lasagne. She got her recipe from a site called recipecan.  I've made this before and loved it.  We will make it this week too.  I love using the veggies I have available and that my family loves. A flexible recipe makes mama happy!  Thanks to for feeding my family this week!

White Vegetable Lasagne

  • 1/2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 zucchini, chopped
  • 1/2 bag (8 oz) froze spinach, thawed and drained
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 container (32 oz) part-skim ricotta
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • 1/2 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup low fat milk
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan
  • 1 log (10.5 oz) goat cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 box whole wheat lasagna noodles
  • 2 cups shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • Heat oven to 350 degrees. Cook noodles according to package.
  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onions and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add in zucchini and peppers and cook until the zucchini are soft (about 5 minutes). Stir in spinach and garlic and cook for an additional minute. Remove from heat.
  • Mix ricotta, basil, oregano, thyme, salt and egg in a bowl.
  • Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk in flour and cook one minute. Whisk in milk and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and whisk in Parmesan, goat cheese, and salt. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from heat.
  • In a 13×9 pan, layer 4 noodles, half of the ricotta mix, half of the veggies mix, half of the goat cheese sauce and half of the mozzarella cheese. Repeat for a second layer. Place the remaining noodles on top and sprinkle with remaining mozzarella cheese. Bake for 45 minutes.

Drink Chia has a larger bottle!

I was speaking with someone yesterday and told them I had given up Pepsi. She was shocked and said she just could not do it. I never thought I would be able to do it, and I will tell you, I have not done it on my own.
A few months ago, I talked about Drink Chia, and this has been my "go to" product for giving up soda. I do not drink coffee often, so I would have a soda every morning to help "wake me up." Now, instead of reaching for a soda, I reach for a Drink Chia. Drink Chia used to come in just an 8 oz bottle, but I am loving this larger version in 10 ounces!

It gives me the energy boost I need in the morning! As an added "perk" I have also noticed my nails are growing stronger and healthier. Usually I have very fragile and weak nails, but they are a decent length now, and the only thing I have changed thus far is drinking more Drink Chia.

I found it on sale at Lucky Vitamin, and ordered 2 more 12 packs! It is not a HUGE discount ($1.00 off a bottle), but it was enough to make me buy a couple of 12 packs. I drink about 2-3 bottles a day because I LOVE the taste!

For more nutritional information about Drink Chia and it's health benefits, visit their website at:

MamaBreak was sent 10 oz Drink Chia to review here on MamaBreak. We were not given any other type of compensation. As always, our opinions and experiences are our own. 

Chick-fil-A Giveaway

Have you heard about the Chick-fil-A Leadercast? Check out the details below!!!
Want to win a Chick-fil-A prize package that includes:
- 1 Copy of John C. Maxwell’s new book: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
- 1 Chick-fil-A Leadercast Exclusive Audio Download Card, which includes access to audio segments from past and present events!
- 3 Chick-fil-A Digital offer cards for a free Chick-fil-A Sandwich EntrĂ©e of your choice. 

Enter here!!!!

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2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast Promo from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.

Starting my Journey with Journey Gym

Well, my Journey Gym arrived and today I start Day 1! I am doing a 5 minute workout, which is just a start on my path to getting fitter and getting healthier! As you may remember, I have signed up to review journey gym for the next 70 days! That is 70 days to break my old (very bad) exercise habits and form new ones!

You can follow my entire journey under the tab "Getting Healthier Journey". 

This is what the system looks like folded up. You can see that it is fairly compact, so even if you have a small living area, this would easily fit into almost any space. 

Once you unfold it to work out, it lies flat and is fairly easy to set up and to use. It was lightweight enough that I could easily bring it to my office, or even on while traveling.

We're burning calories and losing fat with Journey Gym! Follow our Journey as we work to get healthier and fitter, one day at a time!

MamaBreak receive a journey gym so that we could share our progress with you here on MamaBreak. We did not receive any other type of compensation. As always our experience and opinions are our own. 

KlutchClub Mom Review

This month, we were able to try out the brand new Klutch Blub Mom box! We really enjoyed this first month, as it had a lot of products we wanted to review.

The KlutchClub Mom box varies in price based on how much you order. For one box it is $18 a month. For a 3 month subscription is is $17 a month, and for a year subscription it is $16 a month.
We really like that you can see what is in each month's box before you order it, if you are a month-to-month subscriber.

In our box was:
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap. 12.5 oz. Amazon price: $3.48
  • Own Renewing Rejuvenating Cleanser. 5 oz. Amazon price: $11.99
  • Ojo Fortified Eye Care Nectar. 8 oz. Amazon price: $2.32
  • Celestial Seasonings SleepyTime Kids. 4 bags total. Amazon price: 80 cents
  • Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids. 10 wipes. Amazon price: $7.07
  • Surf Sweets Jellybeans. 2 bags of .9 oz each. Amazon price: $3.05
  • Go Go Squeez 3.2 oz. Amazon price: 62 cents
  • Barre Food Bar. Web Price: $2.50
  • FarFaria 3 month subscription. Web price $6.00 (we will not use this because we do not have an IPad that the kids are allowed to use)
Total value: $37.83
This is a great value for the box at only $18/ month, especially when you can see before you order! I am sure we will be placing another order soon!

Citrus Lane Big Boy Box April 2013 SPOILER

Links in this post are referral links and MamaBreak may receive a credit for them. 

Citrus Lane April 2013 Big Boy Box Review

My 3 year old received these items from his Citrus Lane box. I have to say I am more thrilled with my little man's box for a 5 month old, but the items are a good value for the cost.

Melissa and Doug paint with water, Amazon price 5.60
Oogaa silicon mat, Amazon price $8.99
Plum mash ups for kids, web value $1.85 ( ours expires May 2013 :(
Honest Shampoo, web value 9.95
Keepa, drink holder, web value $5.99

TOTAL:  $32.38.  Since they cost $25 per month, this is still a good deal!  We love that we got a full sized Honest Company product and the fun soft silicon mat!

Order yours for May before they sell out (like this month did)!!!! CLICK HERE to order and your FIRST box will be $10 off!!! or for a limited time use the code FIRSTBOX and get 1/2 off of your first box!!!

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