Tylenol Operations Smile Donation

A first tooth is such a milestone! Make sure you make it memorable!

Parents can take pictures of their baby’s first tooth and create personalized e-cards on http://bit.ly/2aJq7rk

For each share of the e-card, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to Operation Smile, an international medical charity that has provides free surgeries for children in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

What a great way to mark your baby's milestone AND give back to others! You can share your creation to Facebook or Twitter easily from the card making application!

Mama break received a first too pack in exchange for posting about this campaign. We did not receive any other type of compensation, and believe in this campaign of giving back!

Pinecone Accepting New People

Pinecone research is accepting new people again! These spots usually go quick, so sign up fast!

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Best Buy "Black Friday" in August Deals

So, Best Buy is having "Black Friday" prices today! And the deals are AMAZING!!

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Things to keep in mind:

  • You may use any major credit card or debit card as long as you select VISA Checkout as your source of payment during checkout. Check out Visa Check Out info here: https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/visa-checkout.html
  • All prices drop by $10 when you use Visa Check Out when you item is $100 (BEFORE coupon)!!!!! 
  • Prices may change fast. 
  • Items may sell out fast. 

The deals:

Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals

It's Friday, which means another edition of Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals!
As always, please keep in mind:
  • Amazon prices fluctuate, and so what is posted now may change
  • All prices listed ASSUME 5 S&S items. Your discount may be lower if you do not have a total of 5 for the month
  • Some people will be charged tax, so their final total may be more
  • Subscribe & Save does NOT require having Amazon Prime
  • Shipping is always free
For more information on Subscribe & Save, check out our post explaining how it all works: 

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More to come! Remember-- we update the list all day Friday. Lost of deals available from last week's edition as well, so make sure to check that out too if you need additional items! 

See you next week with more Subscribe & Save deals! 

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Travel Tuesday: San Antonio

I LOVE to travel, and my husband and I take a trip each year for our anniversary. Last year, it was delayed until December . . . and we traveled to San Antonio.

Of course, the top place to see in San Antonio has to be The Alamo. 

We had a fantastic time, but as you can see it was raining, so we did not spend much time in the park surrounding The Alamo. 

You also have to check out the restaurants in San Antonio! We went to Biga on the Banks, which had the perfect ambience for a romantic dinner. The food was mouthwatering delicious, and the service was AMAZING!!! 

A fun place to stop is SeaWorld. There is not as much happening in the winter, but there is still plenty to see and do when you visit, and there isn't a crowd since it is not the prime season to go! We still had a blast! 

The RiverWalk Boat tour will give you a great view of the city on the Riverwalk. I recommend walking around as well. In December, the Riverwalk is a beautiful site all lit up! 
We also took a trolley tour that took us all around San Antonio. I highly recommend it, as it provided a huge amount of history! 

If you have never visited a Texas de Brazil Brazilian Steakhouse, make sure to check it out. They have "wine angels," which are acrobats who do stunts in the wine room (while retrieving wine). A very neat experience! 

Things I wish I would have known:
1. It is cold and rainy in San Antonio in December. Bring an umbrella and a winter coat.
2. This is a place to rent a car. The cab service was HORRIBLE. 
3. Do not plan your trip during a major sporting event. We were there during a major college game and everything was CRAZY! 
4. Bring comfortable shoes. You will be walking a lot. 

Music Monday: Pop See Ko

If your kids are anything like mine, you have also been listening to this ALL. DAY. LONG.

Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals

This week, there are a ton of great items to add to your subscribe and save through Amazon. Please keep in mind a few things:

  • Amazon prices fluctuate, and so what is posted now may change
  • All prices listed ASSUME 5 S&S items. Your discount may be lower if you do not have a total of 5 for the month
  • Some people will be charged tax, so their final total may be more
  • Subscribe & Save does NOT require having Amazon Prime
  • Shipping is always free
For more information on Subscribe & Save, check out our post explaining how it all works: 

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Current Subscribe & Save Deals:

Back to School Bundles with Gymboree

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Have you seen the new styles at Gymboree for Back to School?

We are loving the Catastic line!
How cute would this outfit be for the first day of school?

Stitch Fix also put together the most adorable bundles for Back to School!
Check Out The Girls Back to School Bundles Created by Stitch Fix at Gymboree

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Get Free/Huge Discounts on Amazon Products With Deal Go Go Go

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Get Free/Huge Discounts on Amazon Products 
With Deal Go Go Go

Savvy Amazon users have for long been using price comparison tactics to search and track websites offering the best deals possible.

Why then must you waste your hard-earned money and precious time searching for websites that offer the best deals when you can actually find all sorts of products from Amazon at hard-to-beat discount rates, even for free if you are very lucky?

Yes, you got it right. Discount as huge as 99%!
I am pleased to introduce to you Deal Go! Go! Go! , a website service that partners with Amazon sellers (who need reviews for their products) to offer products at the lowest prices in exchange for honest reviews. Simply promise to leave a review after you make a purchase and you can get products with huge discounts or even for free. Although Deal GO GO GO encourages buyers to leave a positive review after testing out a product, honesty remains our main priority.

Why Deal Go! Go! Go! Instead of other sites
  • No approval process! No waiting! Get coupon codes right away.
  • Huge discounts that are usually at least 50% off
  • You can get 100% free product if you are lucky!
  • Simple and stylish website that is super user-friendly
  • Very friendly support team that stand by your side.

How Do I Get Started Using Deal GO GO GO?
  1. Register at http://www.dealgogogo.com
  2. Select a product And Get Coupon Code Immediately.
  3. Leaving a review after testing out a product.

Go to the product page on Amazon and leave your review. Be honest about it, and don’t forget to do it within 10 days of your purchase date. 

How Can I Save More Money On Shopping?
  1. Buy Amazon Discounted Products.
  2. Amazon Store Card: When you use the Amazon Store Card, you will get 5% cash back. Additionally, you will also get a free $40 dollar gift card when signing-up.
  3. Use Deal Go! Go! Go!

With new products uploaded regularly, you cannot afford to miss your desired discounted product. There is no point in paying for something if I can get it for free.

Want to sell a product and needs more honest reviews?

DEAL GO! GO! GO! should top your list. 
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Wordless Wednesday: Choosing School Shoes is TOUGH WORK

TV Thursday: Stranger Things

I don't even know how I can express my love for this show! It was so amazing!
As I told my husband, I feel like it is a cross between The Goonies and the X-Files. Maybe someone else can make a better comparison, but that is what it reminded me of. This show is good, it is fun, and has a fantastic 80s feel. If you are a child of the 80s, or just a fan of the 80s or 80s TV, this show is a perfect fit!

I would say the show is suitable for kids ages 13 and up (it is rated TV-14, and I think that is a fairly accurate rating). It does have some fairly scary parts (creepy monsters, mostly) that younger kids may be sensitive to. There is also some death (again, creepy monster and evil government), so this show is not suitable for someone sensitive to violence or death.

The show is only available on Netflix. Be prepared to bing watch the entire season at once!

Say Hello to Bluum!

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Hello Mamas! As many of you know we . . . I mean the kids . . . we HUGE fans of Citrus Lane. It was such an exciting box to receive each month. Unfortunately, Citrus Lane closed their doors and no longer offer fantastic boxes.

So we have been looking . . . and looking . . .
for a FABULOUS box to arrive each month to delight our kids.
We have talked to many, many readers and they overwhelmingly recommended . . . Bluum!

If you tried Bluum before, this is a very different brand and different box than they were 2 years ago when we last wrote about them. And here at MamaBreak, we think every company can improve-- and have they ever.

With better subscription boxes, more choices, more variety, and more fun tools on their website. 
Bluum surprise boxes (where bluum chooses the products for you) are curated by our own matching software that ensures your preferred product categories are met, as well as your munchkin's milestones. In addition, it ensure a high curation quality by ensuring a retail value higher than the monthly subscription fee, a diverse product mix and only sending products that match your child's age, gender and developmental stage. The age range begins with our pregnancy line where products are covering the life of a soon-to-be mom and a few items for the growing child. The baby line covers monthly boxes from newborn to 12 months. Toddlers range from 13 to 36 months and are followed by pre-K and pre-school boxes for children all the way up to 5 years and beyond.
Once signed up, parents can choose between a monthly surprise box (bluum surprise) or choose the products themselves (bluum choice).
Just head to: http://www.bluum.com   to see all of the fantastic options! 
We cannot wait to bring you more Bluum reviews in the coming months! Because who doesn't love surprises . . . for the kids! 
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Travel Tuesday: Grenada

July 2016 marked my 14th wedding anniversary. My husband and I try to take a trip during our anniversary month WITHOUT the kids. I usually need a break after being home alone with them all summer, he needs a break, and it is a nice time to get away.
We hadn't really planned to go to Grenada. We had some good experience with Sandal's and they were having a sale, so I thought-- why not. We ended up going to Grenada because it was one of the only places we could fly without a red-eye flight (which I hate).

It was stunningly beautiful! Just amazing. This was our view from the hotel room. There was an ocean AND mountain/ hill view.

The beach was well maintained, clean, and you could do many activities right from the resort.

We ended up snorkeling one day, sitting by the beach a ton, and just relaxing. They had many, many options though!

And Sandal's went the extra mile when it came to finding ways to surprise us. From a candlelight dinner on our balcony to welcome us when we arrived to a bubble bath complete prepared with flowers and candlelight when we returned from our massages!

Things were really wonderful, but I do have a few tips of things to know if you ever visit:

1. Book a butler suite. This really made our stay at Sandal's MUCH, MUCH better! However, not ALL of the butlers are stellar. We had one who was fantastic. The other two were just ok.

2. If you get the candlelight dinner (which is an added option-- one you pay for) DO NOT choose the beach location. It has TONS of bugs. TONS! And you WILL get bit. A LOT. And there is Zika virus in Grenada. We had the unfortunate experience, and would not want to do it again.

3. Bring a snorkel with you. You can take a boat out snorkeling (which I highly recommend-- tons of fun), but you can also snorkel right from the beach-- tons of fish! But to snorkel on the beach, you have to purchase the snorkels there which were crazy expensive.

4. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT purchase your next Sandal's vacation from the resort while you are there. They will tell you it is the BEST deal. IT. IS. NOT. The gentleman in the booking area tried to tell me I would not find a better deal. The BEST deal is always to book during your stay. But my trip THERE was cheaper than what he was offering. He tried to claim it was because we had cheaper flights, which I showed him we did not. He could not offer the same deal/ discounts that we got during our trip there. Wait for Sandal's to have a super deal online and book then.

5. AVOID the French restaurant. It was not good. The service was slow and the food was not great. Lots of others places to choose from that are far better!

Why Mama Needed a Break

We're BACK!!!!
Well, we are never really gone, if you follow us on Social Media. But we have not blogged for a while. I thank all of our readers who sent notes asking how we were doing!

In the past few years, we have been through a TON. I will be updating on individual pieces throughout the coming weeks, and telling you all about it, but these are the major events . . .


  • Lost my father
  • Lost my grandmother
  • Lost my aunt
  • Lost our cat of 19 years
  • Lost my childhood best friend
  • Lost two cousins
  • Many other deaths not directly related to me-- friends' parents, friends' children . . . I have been to a lot of funerals
  • Removed my son from his private school after dealing with YEARS of bullying (and after a call to the police) and placed him in the public school
  • Getting sick. Very, very sick. And having the doctor telling me time and again that "everything was fine." Only to lead to more sickness and finally a diagnosis, surgery, and starting to feel human again
Joys and smiles:
  • Refinancing our home to make major home improvements like new central air, a new master bedroom, and hopefully a new master bathroom-- pics to come!!!!! 
  • One of my best friend's wedding (in JAMAICA!!!!)
  • A much needed vacation to Grenada (pics to come!!!)
  • A promotion (I don't know if I should put this under joys or tears)-- but it brought on TONS of work. I have since stepped down from the promotion-- yay more blogging time!!!! 
  • Adopting the three best rescue cats
  • Traveling to Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and many other places in the states
  • Losing 16 pounds so far (MUCH MORE TO COME) 
  • And much, much more!!!!!
We promise to bring you awesome giveaways, tons of reviews, great ways to save money, and most importantly-- ways to find "breaks" throughout the day! 

We're so excited to be posting daily again!