Allure Fall Beauty Box

If you saw my pictures for the Summer Beauty Box, I know you will be as excited as I am for the Fall Beauty Box!!!!

On sale July 24th. The last box was $39.99 with $10 shipping and was worth TONS more than that!!!
Stay tuned for more details . . . you know when I have them I will share them! :)

This week's giveaway: Sample Bag!!!!!

This is the first of our weekly giveaways. All giveaways will open on Thursday afternoon and run until Wednesday evening the following week. This week's giveaway is a bag from Murad that is just STUFFED with samples!! Please note, that these are all SAMPLES, and not full sized products. The samples included:

·      Murad Beauty Bag
·      Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant
·      Outlast Hand Sanitizer
·      L’Oreal Ever Sleek Shampoo
·      L’Oreal Ever Sleek Conditioner
·      L’Oreal Ever Sleek Leave in Crème
·      Dove Fashion Earrings
·      Duchess Marden Damascena Face Crème
·      Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream
·      Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream
·      Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion
·      Frizz Ease Sheer Solution
·      Got 2 Be Smooth Operation Lustre Lotion
·      Bodycology Cherry Blossom Hand and Body Lotion
·      Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion
·      Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Mist
·      DHC Velvet Skin Coat
·      DHC Q10 Eye Cream
·      Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Daily Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment
·      Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Cream
·      Shout Wipe & Go Instant Stain Remover
·      Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

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Minted Coupon Code

June 30, 2012
For those that got the June Citrus Lane box, you are probably wondering what to spend your $35 gift card on!

BEFORE you spend it, here are some ways to save!!!
First click here and get $25 for signing up!!!

What a great deal. Even if you did not participate in the last Citrus Lane box, you can still do all of the above and find something really wonderful with the $25!!!


Tried and Truth

So, there is a product review site out there that not many people know about. If you have a child or baby in the house, or you are expecting one, you NEED to become a member of Tried and Truth.

YOU write and can read reviews about products that you use for your child and baby! It is wonderful because you get to see real, honest reviews of some of the most high end products out there? I love it because you earn points for each review you do, with more points given for a video review and a photo. Then, you can redeem your points for AMAZING product. Thus far I have gotten:
  • Svan Creativity Cruiser: $99.00 on Amazon
  • Boon Fruit and Vegetable Slicer: $17.99 on Amazon
  • Handsome in Pink T-shirt:   $22.00 (We got the adorable "Forget Princess, Call Me President"--- which my 9 year old LOVES!!!)
  • Labels from WeeDecor:  $22.00 (We used them for my daughter's camp this past week, and she loved them, and I loved that they all stayed on!!!)
  • Boon Nanners: $11.99 on Amazon
I have gotten $172.98 in products JUST for doing some video reviews of the products I LOVE, or LOVE TO HATE.

Want to start reviewing too? Follow this link:   and sign up for yourself!

After you sign up you may have a chance at a $5 Starbucks gift card!:

 Submit your first review of baby gear you own along with a short <1 minute video review (we love Videolicious, a free app for iphone).  Then email the link to your review to  We'll send the first 20 parents to do so a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!  If you're a Tried And Truth veteran, forward this to some parents you know and maybe they'll share some of the Black Gold with you.

Reading Eggs

Are you at home with the kids all summer and ALREADY running out of things to do? There is this wonderful new website called Reading Eggs that I recently was given a free trial to for giving a review of the website. Reading Eggs is an Online Learn to Read Program, and was perfect for both my 5 year old.  He found the website entertaining and tons of fun!

You can actually try out Reading Eggs for FREE at the website:
No credit card is required to start the free trial!

I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  

Cravebox Summer Spruce Up Review

Cravebox is a $10 a month monthly subscription box. Every once in a while they have a "special" box that you sign up for in a lottery drawing! I was one of the lucky people chosen to receive the box, so for $10, this is what I got:

  • Mr Clean Bliss Premium Latex Free Gloves. These are not available on Amazon, but could be found online for $4.
  • Spray Away Glass Cleaner. Amazon price is $51.99 for a pack of 24. Although buying a case my be completely impractical, that does give a rough guess at a price of $2.16. 
  • Barkeeper's Friend. Amazon price of $6.91.
  • Dawn Duo Sponge Cloth. Amazon has a pack of 6 for $8.94, making 1 worth $1.49
  • Coupon for 1 FREE 22 ct pack of 13 gallon tall rash bags. Max Value of $5.49
That makes the value of this price: $20.05. I love the coupon, and was in great need of trash bags and new cleaning gloves. Overall, I love the box because I can see myself using every single item!

Julep Box Review

So, I decided to try out Julep because it was only 1 cent. For a penny, I will try almost anything!!!!

I received my box, and it was exactly what showed in the picture. I CHOSE the colors I wanted, which I LOVE about Julep. Each month they send out a box, but you can CHOOSE your colors from several different options.

The colors in person, and on my nails were AMAZING! The bluish green was simply gorgeous! I just love it! I have started using the Pedicure cream too, so hopefully it will work wonders.

In the box was:
  • 1 bottle of a bluish-green nail polish
  • 1 bottle of a pink nail polish
  • A Pedicure cream
  • 2 toe dividers (for those perfect pedicures)
It is hard to put a real "value" on everything, because the brand is Julep, and there are very few places to purchase Julep. Amazon does sell it via Sephora, who values each polish at $14.00. So, the value of the box is maybe at about $35 (the cream is only available on the website as well). 

The AMAZING thing, is that I only paid 1 penny, and so it was really not much of a risk. Even with the box costing $20, it is a good value, especially if you like nail polish!

You can sign up at and use the code COLOR2012 to get the intro box for 1 penny.

I cancelled my subscription with them simply because I have TONS of nail polish, and it did not apply well to my nails. However, it worked well with my daughter's nails, so you may have a different experience!

Citrus Lane June Review

Wow! Just when you think they cannot get any better, they send an amazing box yet again!!!

This month was all about art! My little ones have been having such a fun time with everything in the box, and you will see from my picture that some things only made it a short time out of the box.

What was in this month's box?
  • A small tub of "Play-dough", in blue. It is a really nice textures and cleans up well. Amazon sells 5 for $18.64 so the value is about $3.67
  • 2 packets of Eco-kids finger paint. amazon sells 5 for $22.69. Approximate value is $9.07. These are really nice because you mix them yourself and can make a very small amount at a time. 
  • Baby Ganic Go Away Stain 2 oz bottle. Amazon sells 3 for $11.97. Approixmate value $3.99
  • Hohner Puppy Slide Flute. Amazon price of $9.99
  • Putumayo Kids CD Sampler. This is only available from their own website. They charge $29.96 for the CD. What is nice is you get to hear songs from each of the CDs they have. I would value it at $5-10. 
  • 1 Junzo Tarada punch out animal. I honestly think this animal was too hard for my 2 year old, but my 9 year old LOVED it. They sell a pack of 20 for $21.24 on amazon, so they are about $1.06
  • If that was not enough, they once again sent a GIFT CARD. This time $35 (!!!!!!) to Unlike the other gift cards, your gift card does not cover shipping. My shipping was only $3.95, so very reasonable!
The total value for JUST the items is $32.78 PLUS a $35 gift card! I would make it a value to me (I used my gift card) of $67.78

If you are already a Citrus Lane member, and have not used your gift card yet, follow this link:  and sign up for, and you will get an additional $25 off!!! 

If you are not yet a Citrus Lane member, it is a monthly subscription service that is $25 a month. They base YOUR box on your child's age and gender, and goes up until age 3!

Right now, I believe there are two active codes. You can save $25 on a six month subscription by following this link: and using the code  JAMNOW  This was supposed to expire 6/14, but many have reported it is still working.

If you want just one month or the JAMNOW shows as expired, follow the same link  and use code SPRINGFUN for 10% off.


Hello everyone!

Well, I just joined yet another monthly box, and this one looks really good! It is called Julep, and for $19.99 a month, you get a box with nail polish and other related products each month. You receive at least 2 polishes, which they claim is a value of $40. Other products have included hand lotion, toe separaters, etc.

The best part?

Right now you can get a monthly box for ONE PENNY! Yep, I just verified, ordered mine and was only charged ONE CENT! Awesome! I cannot wait for mine to arrive.

Not only that, but each month you can CHOOSE which colors you prefer. They give you a "type" or maven you are, and if you do not like the colors in your box that month, you can look at the other colors and choose a different box. You can always cancel as well (no obligation), so could cancel right after your first box! For one cent, I will try it out!

Here is a link to sign up:

July Birchbox Review

So, Birchbox has teamed up with Glamour for the July box. Here are the details:

I have to stick around for at least one more month . . . HOPING that it will be better than last month!

If you think it sounds super too, sign up here: 

$10 a month . . .

MyGlam Glam June Review

So, I joined MyGlam last month. I had been on the waiting list for a little while, so I was willing to give it a shot for $10. Wow! I am glad I did!

This is another subscription service. You pay $10 once a month, and get a bag of samples. It looks like each month they come in a cosmetic bag, and this month's was a cute gold sparkle bag. I think it could easily double as a small clutch!

In the bag was:
  • Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen Full sized: I could only find a price on their website, $19
  • Nyx Iced Honey Lipstick Full sized: Amazon price, $4.75
  • Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream, 2 oz. This is 1/2 of the full sized: Amazon has a similar product for $17.98, making the sample $8.99
  • Philosophy Take a Deep Breath sample, .4 oz: Amazon prices this at $17.00 an ounce, making the sample worth $6.80. It is a rather small sample, but I love all things Philosophy. 
AND you get this cute little bag (much more useable than a box!).
When you compare this to Birchbox, which is the same price, what a difference! MyGlam wins! The approximate value of the bag is $39.54 (based on the prices above). Not only that, but I will USE each and every item! I love the color of the lipstick, and I think it is a good match for my skin tone! I love my first MyGlam bag, and I hope next month is just as good!

Birchbox June Review

So, I really thought you could not get worse than Bluum. Last month, Birchbox was SO good, this month was a COMPLETE fail. I am very upset with them, and am really thinking of cancelling. I feel like they are dishonest in what they promise will be in boxes, and completely misleading. You will notice that a LOT of the Birchboxes out there for this month had full sized products. Not only did I NOT get a single full sized product, but I also got 3 products that are complete junk-- make that 4 products. What's in the box??

  • Sample size of Blender Cleanser. This is not even labelled with a size. Says simply that it is a sample size. I would not even value it at $1
  • Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect-- I received a 1.45 oz size. A 6.7 oz product is $27 on amazon, making this worth $5?? There are MAYBE 2 uses in this little bottle
  • TheBalm Stainiac .04 oz (yes, .04) Full size is .3 and is $17 I do not even think 1/10 of the full size would be $1. :(
  • Comodynes Self Tanning Wipes. $2 each on Amazon. Worth $4. The problem is, I have VERY light skin and they sent me an "intense" color, so basically this is trash to me. 
  • A tili bag. Before you get all excited, this is a cheap zip-loc bag. They are priced on their own website at about $1 each. And a note to all other Birchbox folks. The info says this can be used as a carry on for liquids. IT CANNOT because, well, it is not CLEAR!!! FAIL, Birchbox, FAIL!
  • Oh, and how could I forget the MEN'S SAMPLE they sent. That is RIGHT, they sent me a MEN'S sample. I have junk to get rid of too Birchbox, please do not send me your junk you have no other use for. Birchbox FAIL. It anyone is wondering, it is a little perfume sample. Yes, like the ones they try to attack you with at the department store.
All in all, you could add these up and the total is $12. Because I cannot use the wipes, it is worth $8 to me. $8 for a bunch of junk that will probably be thrown out once it all expires.

At this point, I am giving them one more month. I liked my full sized product from last month, so MAYBE they will be ok next month. This month was a waste of my money, and I would not suggest or recommend Birchbox.

With such a review, if you still want to try it yourself you can sign up here:


May Cravebox Review

I first attempted to get a Cravebox when they first introduced them, and was not one of the selected few that was able to get a subscription. Last month, they had a lottery for more open spots, and I was lucky enough to win a "spot." That does not mean it was FREE! :) Cravebox is $10 a month, so it is one of the cheaper subscription boxes out there. Right now, you can sign up to be informed when the box is available again, but not to get an actual subscription.

This was my first month, and I was pretty impressed. I DID eat the chocolates before snapping a photo, hence no picture that included the chocolate. This is what was in the box:

  • Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub-- 18 oz. You can purchase three on Amazon for $17.97, so estimated value of $5.99
  • Skintersection Intense Repair Cream- 2 fl. oz--Not available on Amazon, but listed on, they value it at $17.97
  • Sunsweet Plum Amazins-- 2 packets-- Amazon estimate (based on per oz value) of 54 cents each--1.08 total
  • Sample of Lipton Tea and Honey
  • pack of 6 Guylian Truffles-- not listed on a website in sizes this small, so price hard to determine. Many people received these melted, but mine came intact. Other people complained about a bad taste, but mine were DELICIOUS!
Total value was well over the $10.00! I thought everything was wonderful and appropriate for summer. IF you can get in, I strongly recommend cravebox!

May Bluum Review

So sorry for such a late post on Bluum! We got busy around here with the start of summer! :)

This is my last month of Bluum, and boy am I glad!!! The month of May was about as good as any other month with Bluum-- although I did not get yet MORE Wedela samples! I apologize because the Applesauce that was included in the box was immediately devoured by my 1 year old, so it did not make the picture!

In this month's box:
  • Ella's Kitchen Applesauce Food Pouch-- Amazon Price: $1.85  My daughter did seem to enjoy it!
  • My Dentist's Choice Tooth Tissues-- 1 Wipe-- Yes, you read that right-- they included 1 wipe. Amazon values this at----24 cents. I did use it on my daughter and she HATED them. The taste must have been rather unpleasant. 
  • SuperGoop Sunscreen Wipe-- 1 Wipe--Yes, again, 1 wipe. Amazon values these at 85 cents a wipe. 
  • Palmer's Skin Care Therapy--a 2 fl oz bottle. VERY small. Amazon values it at (based on a per ounce value) $2.94
  • Green Babies Tearless Baby Me Shampoo and Wash- .17 oz-- Amazon values it at (based on a per ounce value) at 28 cents. They did include 2 (I think on accident), so this would be valued at 56 cents. 
When we add all of this up, the TOTAL is $6.44 and that is fairly generous. Bluum boxes are 12.00/ month (a fact you will not find on their website unless you subscribe), so this is, without a DOUBT NOT worth it! They seem to spend more time on their boxes and packaging than in the contents.