Morning Sickness Drug returns

I have a lot of pregnant friends and I saw an article this morning on the news. The drug, Bendectin, was used and removed from the market in the 80's is back in a new updated form.

I want to learn more about people who struggled with morning sickness in the past. I know Mama Jo had major morning sickness, but I did not. While this doesn't impact all pregnant moms it is a hot topic in the medical and pregnant world.

Taking medication when pregnant is always an individual's personal decision and we wanted to share the news with our mom and future mom readers.

This article from Parenting magazine gave us some more details.


  1. That is cool. I did not have terrible sickness, but it was there. Nice to know there is an aid for those that want it.

  2. I had morning sickness so bad for 6 months, thank goodness there are meds that won't harm the baby. I couldn't function at all without it!

  3. I had the worse morning sickness! I was up all night and all day throwing up, I know there for a little the doctors got worried cause I was losing weight from throwing up so much! They made me take in more calories!