The Knot Genie will Brush Away the Snarls!

When I was younger, I remember my sister crying her little eyes out any time someone brushed her hair! She has extremely curly hair, and it still is VERY hard to brush!

Today, I face a similar dilemma with my daughter. Although we both have straight hair, it snarls very easily, and it makes hair brushing a pain! My daughter loves to wear her hair long, but I hated brushing through it. Like when my sister was young, she would cry and cry.

Knot Genie to the rescue!

What makes Knot Genie so different? It is just a brush right?

First, just by looking at it, you can see that the brush is designed differently than most brushes. It does not have a handle. You hold it in the palm of your hand when you are brushing.

It has plastic bristles that are somewhat short. This means that it brushes through the hair easily without causing static buildup.

Finally, the shape of the brush itself conforms to your hand, making it easy to hold.

I love it because it makes hair brushing easier for everyone. My daughter loves it much more than me though! We have a camo printed one, and she thinks it is very "hip" and "cool" looking. She loves that it is unique, and effective with her hair (no more struggles to get the snarls out).

If you, or someone in your home, has snarly hair-- you need this brush!
Want one of your very own?  Check out their website at:
Or like them on facebook at:

I received this product for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.

NuNAAT Chocolate . . . Prepare to Fall in Love!

NuNAAT is Mama Jo's new favorite shampoo!

What you should know is I am pretty particular about my hair products. I have fine, straight hair that I wash almost daily. I know all of the hair stylists are cringing, but if I do not wash it daily it is UGLY! It becomes oily very fast, and is about as flat as can be. I am always on the look out for new hair products, but am always hesitant as well. I need products that will not make my hair flatter and duller, and that will give me body and shine, without making it overly oily.

NuNAAT's Choclat line is PERFECT.

First, it SMELLS like chocolate. I mean, it REALLY smells like chocolate. This is not a shampoo that smells like shampoo trying to smell like chocolate, this one is DELICIOUS!

Next, it makes my hair FEEL and look amazing! My hair looks healthy, shiny, and has body . . . and did I mention it smells like chocolate?

Finally, I love that it has a nice consistency when you are putting it in your hair!

You can find NuNAAT's full line of products at:
OR join them on facebook at:
If you did not win our giveaway, they are doing giveaways often on their facebook page!

I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. 

Steals of the Day, July 31

Just got invited to a baby shower!  CHEAP baby shower gifts at, with their $10 credit!  I will be using my $10 free Vitacost credit on some other awesome products, too!  My products total is $11.01 MINUS my $10 credit = $1.10 + $4.99 standard shipping = A $6 baby shower gift set!

Little Twig Lady Bug Bath Mitt!  So cute!  And JUST $3.43

Little Twig Shampoo, Tangerine is only $7.58

Or the Little Twig Shampoo, Lavendar is currently $7.70

Why I like . . . the I Like Book for Women

I like . . . the sound of the birds right outside of my window in the morning.
I like . . . the sound of my children giggling in another room.
I like . . . the taste of freshly picked strawberries.

What do you like?

The I Like Book for Women takes its inspiration from the original The I Like Book, but focuses on women.

When I was in graduate school, my mentor asked that I keep a journal chronicling my first teaching experiences. It was a pain to write every day, but many years later I still look back and read the journal.

I have wanted to start a journal again for a long time, taking notes on raising my children, especially when they are young. The problem is, I never seem to find the time. That is what makes The I Like Book for Women so special.

Imagine a "journal" that only takes a few seconds each day. Where you need to write down one short, brief line that reflects on your day. That is what I love about The I Like Book for Women so wonderful. You do not need hours to write in it, only a few seconds. You write, each day, what you like about your day, your life, or anything.

I love to look back and remind myself of all of the things I have reflected on previously. It allows me to reflect on this time in my life, without a huge time or energy commitment. I still have a written reminder of all of the things that make me happy!

There are also beautiful little "encouragements" throughout the book that will help you LOVE your life as you move through all of the things you "like".

The I Like Book for Women is a truly special book that I hope you will like as much as I do!

You can find all of The I Like products at:  Use coupon code: MamaBreak for 25% off of your order!
Or join them on facebook at: (they have a giveaways each Friday!)
I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  

Problems with Email

Hello all!

MamaBreak has been having problems with email this morning. Our email provider has assured us that we will have regular services returned within 24 hours. Please contact us at until the issue with our regular email can be resolved.

Thank you for your understanding!
Jo and Steph

Steals of the Day: 7/30

  • Got bugs?  WE DO!  Get rid of the bugs that bite your beatuies! has a GREAT deal on organic, green and/or eco bug spray for babes.  MY favorite is Jason Natural Quit Bugging Me! Insect spray

    Signup TODAY for $10 off ANYTHING on the site.  Apply it to bug spray (one or two even!) and only pay shipping!  THIS is a STEAL for our family!
  • We LOVE Ferris Bueller's Day Off (what child of the 80s doesn't), so we are loving this deal!
  • These coupon books are wonderful, especially for traveling!  They are area specific, so make sure to choose the right area. They are only 2 for $10. The coupons are good through the end of the year (a new book will be out in 2013). CLICK HERE FOR THE COUPON BOOK.

$5 Coupon Code for Bark Box

We are so excited to try BarkBox, and will be sharing a review soon. Through this link, you can save $5 off your first box (making the total $24). We love our subscription boxes and figured it was time to let our 4-legged friends join in the fun!


Daily Steals 7/29

  • HURRY!! Free Chocolate covered banana bites. It appears it requires a business name as well
  • Collect Pampers Gift to Grow Points?  (If not, WHY NOT? Free stuff for kids!)  Head over and enter  FBOLYMPICS72712  for the Olympics.   I earn points throughout the year from using this brand of diapers, collecting points from friends/family, and these FREE points. 

    Join today and earn 100 points-- You can earn free gifts too!
  • Blu Ray Player-- Refurbished-- but only $25! CLICK HERE FOR THE EBAY DAILY DEAL!

Mama Steals 7/28

Today' Steals:
  • Mama Jo has 3 Crane humidifiers and loves them all. Humidifiers are a MUST for babies, especially in winter! Target has one for $25.99 with free shipping! CLICK HERE FOR THE STEAL. 
  • Totsy is featuring Skinny Girl today! Skinny Girl was created by Bethenny Frankel and is SUPER cute! The prices range from $4 to $12.50, so everything is very reasonable! CLICK HERE FOR THE STEAL.

Blogs We Like To Break With

  • Razzle Dazzle    

  • Troy and Mel's Reviews

  • Nontoxic Chambers 
  • Staying Close to Home
  • Jennifer Henry Review


  • Sparkle Core
  • Bullock's Buzz
  • Daily Steals for 7/27

    Today's Daily Steals are:

    • Free Nescafe Momento! Click here!!!
    • FREE Pull up!!! Click here!!!
    • WIN a free can of cat food or dog food coupon. I won a can of dog food (sent as a coupon) this morning!!!
    • Lunchbots are only $13.50 on Totsy this morning! We love Lunchbots. They are eco-friendly, BPA and Phalate Free, and have a unique, fun look to them. Your first order on Totsy receives free shipping! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STEAL.
    • RUFFLEBUTTS!!!! They are on Zulily today!!! VERY EXCITING! We adore Ruffle Butts. Prices range, but it is a HUGE discount off the regular price! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STEAL.
       Check out Stomp Rockets while you are there too! We love Stomp Rockets!

    20 Free My Coke Rewards!!

    If you collect My Coke Rewards this is an EXCELLENT deal! 20 points for everyone!


    Each code is worth 10 points each!

    Tough Guys and Dama Queens Book Review

    I primarily agreed to review this book based on the title. Although I am not the parent of a teen, I work with a lot of teens, and always welcome more understanding about them and how to better communicate with them.

    This book takes a look on the relationship that parents have with their teens, and ways to improve that relationship. The author presents many things that parents often do, and why they hurt, rather than help, the relationship with their young person.

    One of my favorite moments in the book is about control. The author talks about parents who brought in their son and were upset with his behavior. The parents had a 4 page document detailing the "rules" of the home. Of course, they were just trying to give guidance and structure. What the teen revealed was that he wanted to be free to make his own decisions.

    I was, at first, concerned with the Christian aspect of the book. However, I did not feel like the book was "preachy" at all. It gave nice tips and recommendations to better communicate with your teen, and I felt the advice was both practical and do-able (which is very important in my book). It is a short read, and may open the eyes for many parents.

    I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  

    Soda Stream Review-- We LOVE it!

    I am still in awe over this amazing package that Soda Stream sent to MamaBreak for review! It is AMAZING!
    I was skeptical of the quality of soda it would make. If it tastes so amazing, why wouldn't everyone own one?
    Well, everyone SHOULD own a Soda Stream. I included the soda that we made in the picture. The kids got first choice. They chose Root Beer, and I have to say, I think it was some of the best Root Beer I have ever had! The kids LOVED pushing the button to carbonate the water, and I loved that it took so little to make such a great drink!
    There are many different flavors to choose from. It eliminates waste by allowing you to reuse the larger bottle. It takes up less space in your fridge. AND it tastes amazing and takes minutes to make!

    You can purchase your own Soda Stream, or find more information at:
    Want a special code to save $10? Email MamaBreak at and we can send you one!

    We love our Soda Stream, and we know you will too!

    I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  

    Daily Steals: July 26th

    Every day we will try to bring you our favorite deals from across the web!

    • I am LOVING Zulily's Jelly The Pug sale today!!  Go here: ZULILY and do not forget to enter one of the coupon codes from the On-Going Bargain page! Prices range from $9.99-$19.99 and shipping is a flat $7.95. While there, consider hitting some of the other shops since shipping will be free--- love the Legos!
    • The Disney Store is having a 30% off all items today (including clearance). Click HERE: DISNEY and enter code BONUS30 at checkout. Shipping is free for orders over $75 with the code SHIPTODAY.
    • Home Depot has 50% off their bathroom fans. You will save another 10% off the ORIGINAL price with coupon: L4E638P. Click HERE: HOME DEPOT.  
    • Plum District has a $50 for $100 Travelocity Hotel Voucher. AND you can save 20% with the coupon code SAVE20. Click here to view and purchase the deal: Plum District

    Citrus Lane July Review

    Like MamaSteph, I LOVE this month's Citrus Lane box! It was filled with so many practical items!

    Citrus Lane is a $25 a month box that often has full sized products, rather than a bunch of samples. They also generally include a gift card in each box.

    In this month's box was:
    • Ella's Kitchen Nibble Fingers, 4.4 oz. Amazon price, $5.87
    • Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag. Amazon price, $9.00. I received a Llama one, and love it!
    • Medi Buddy First Aid Kit To Go. Amazon price, $7.49 (Did Citrus Lane anticipate my post on Advice for Mamas today?-- I love this to travel with-- and I did not see my box before writing my article this morning!)
    • Wee Knit Finger Puppets. SO cute! Available only on their Etsy site. Approx. value, $6.90
    • Dapple On the Go Clothing Wash (for washing in the sink). I could not find the travel size ANYWHERE else! The reason I looked was because this is hands down a genius product. I NEED this! I am emailing them to see if they plan to make more! These would be VERY convenient to carry on trips!! Priceless?? Based on Amazon per ounce price, $4.26-- but that is for a full bottle, and I REALLY need these little sample packets!! 
    • California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, 2 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.64
    • California Baby Hair Conditioner, 2 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.46
    • California Baby Hair Styling Mousse, .5 oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $2.94
    • $10 Gift Card to Postagram! 
    I have heard some complaints about the products this time around, and personally I love them! This box is about travel this month, so I am a little more accepting of the "travel" sizes. PLUs, the value of the full sizes and gift card FAR outweigh the cost of the box.
    My favorite thing about Citrus Lane, and of course this box, is that it is like they read my mind. I opened the box (as I do almost every month) and thought-- wow! I need this! I just loved every single item included. The value this month was: $51.66!!! Amazing, as always!

    Want your OWN Citrus Lane box? CLICK HERE and enter SUMMER10 to save 10% off your first order!

    Dapple JUST emailed me back! You can purchase the detergent sample packets at Babies R Us. They are $1.99 for 3!

    Allure Beauty Bar Sample Society July Review

    Sample Society is a subscription box that I previously belonged to. They recently contacted me because they wanted to know why I cancelled. I told them I felt the samples were too small, and the price too high for what was sent. They wanted me to try Sample Society again, so they sent me July's box . . . for free!

    Sample Society is from both Allue and Beauty Bar. You get two wonderful things besides the box. First, you get a 12 month subscription to Allure if you have a paid subscription. You also receive a $15 off $50 code to use at The code is stackable with other codes they have available.

    I was really torn when I cancelled my box a few months ago. I really loved the box, and actually ended up using 2 products as a result (Murad and Dermalogica), but I felt it was a little too expensive. You pay $15 a month for the box, and there are generally 5 items in the box.

    This is what was in this month's box:
    • Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil, Full sized (.06 oz). Amazon Price, $26.00
    • Borghese Tono Body Creme, 1oz. Amazon price (based on per ounce value), $5.70
    • Jouer Luminating Tinted Moisturizer, .17 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $3.60 (I was running low from the one I received in another box, so love this!)
    • Eye Never Nourishing Eye Repair Cream, .033 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $1.40 (I better not love this because the regular value is $85, but that is why I love the sample!)
    • Sisley Hydra-global Hydration Intense Ant-Age, .14 oz. Amazon Price (based on per ounce value), $17.62 (this retails ON SALE on amazon for $176.25!!!!)
    Obviously, with just the one full sized item, this more than makes up for the $15 cost. The value is estimated at $54.32! Wow! I was just telling Mama Steph that I may sign up again, and I think this may just be the push I needed.

    Want to sign up yourself?
    Referral code: MamaBreak

    In My Carry On

    Hello Mamas! Or as they say in Hawaii, Aloha Cousins!

    As some of you may know, I just spent 5 days soaking up the sun in Hawaii. My husband and I never took a honeymoon, so for our 10-year anniversary we took our first vacation without kids and headed to Oahu!

    I wanted to share with you what I place in my carry on bag, because I am a frequent traveler and am VERY specific about what I bring. I bring the same items, every time. Obviously, when I travel with kids I bring MUCH more, but that is for another day, another post.

    So, here is my list:
    ·      Slipper socks. I get very swollen feet on the flight, and these are a must. Plus they keep me nice and comfortable for the plane ride. An added bonus is I run around in them at the airport if I have a connection.
    ·      Large bottle of water. Here is my secret for travel. I bring an empty filtering water bottle with me and fill it once I am through security. This saves me a TON of money because I do not have to purchase water at the airport.
    ·      Neck pillow. I do not think I could travel without my neck pillow. I actually attach it (it has a snap on it) to my carry on, so it does not take up the needed space in my bag.
    ·      Blanket. I always bring my own blanket. I tend to get cold on the flight, and do not like the airline blankets. I bring something that can be easily stored into my carry on.
    ·      Facial cleansing cloths. I bring a small sample pack with me. These are great for refreshing your face when you depart from your flight.
    ·      Moisturizer. Perhaps the most vital item in my carry on. I bring a sample size moisturizer for my face, as well as one for my feet, arms and legs.  I apply if right before and right after the flight.
    ·      Magazines. I love short reads during the flight, and magazines pack very nicely.
    ·      Mini first aid kit. I always make my own little mini first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial ointment, and any other small items I can fit in the small bag.
    ·      Nasal passage moisturizer. I bring a small bottle of this and use the gel, rather than the spray, as it is more airline friendly.
    ·      Throat lozenges. No matter how much water I drink, I tend to get a dry throat during the flight.

    So, that is my list. I love to travel, and this helps to make the entire trip more tolerable.

    On-going Bargains

    The mamas will offer coupon codes, on-going (not ending any time soon) sorts of bargains, and consistent deals that we follow. $25 off Coupon Code
    Follow this link by clicking HERE.  
    This will bring you to the page, and the link will save you $25 off of your first order!

    Citrus Lane Coupon Code
    Follow this link by clicking HERE.  
    Enter the coupon code: 20LUV for 20% off your purchase!

    Zulily Coupon Codes
    First click HERE.
    Then, use the following codes, which ever saves YOU the most!
    ZU5712 will give you $5 off an order of $50 or more
    FREESHIPZU12 gives you free shipping off orders of more than $60
    Remember, shipping times vary on Zulily.
    You pay shipping (usually $7.95) once and can go back and use it all day!)

    To Go Brands Coupon Code
    Save 20% on To Go Brands at:
    Enter Coupon Code: MAMABREAK20 J

    Giveaway of the Week: The I Like Book for Women

    Didn't Win??? Use the coupon code: MamaBreak at: for 25% off your next order!

    MamaBreak likes to share items that we love with our readers, and that is why we are beyond thrilled that this week's giveaway is for the I Like Book for Women. Mama Jo has 4 I Like Books, and loves all of them! They are daily reminders to myself about what I like about my life, reminders to my children why I like them, and a reminder to my husband that I love him.

    Click here to check out all of the amazing I Like Book products including their all new anti-bullying book!

    My oldest has had an I Like Book for over a year, and she loves going back and reading what we wrote months ago. The I Like Book is a way for families to connect.

    The I Like Book for Women  is a way for women to connect with themselves . . . and MamaBreak LOVES that!
    Giveaway is over!

    Enter below for a chance to win your very own copy of The I Like Book for Women

    July Citrus Lane Box Review

    Mama Steph here with a review!
    This was my FIRST box subscription delivery of any kind.  Citrus Lane did NOT fail me!  Tuesday, I received tracking information in a bright colored email.  And,YESTERDAY this beautiful box of goodies for baby arrived!  The Citrus Lane box was packaged well, easy to open and all items were wrapped in yellow tissue paper! It felt like Christmas, seriously!  Here is my photo of the awesome box!  Below are details.
    These items were included in my lovely BON VOYAGE box 
    • Tiny Love Harry Hippo Stroller Toy valued at $7.99, can clip on LOTS of items!
    • Charlie Banana Legwarmers (in blue) valued at $9.88, soft and still boy-ish
    • California Baby Travel Set (top left, in a bag) valued at $7.50, perfect for the diaper bag
    • On-the-Go Baby Laundry Detergent, 2 packages valued at $1.99, taking these to Grandma's house!  I just love Dapple baby--they make great products!
    • Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy valued at $5.95, this kit will stay in my car for accidents and issues. Great idea and super compact for those that want to keep them in your diaper bag!
    • Sincerely Inc--10 Free Postagrams (sample postagram in black in my photo) valued at $10, SUPER easy to use--you can even upload from your phone!  Excited to share these with friends and family!
    Want in!?  Visit Citrus Lane today through this link 
    and start your subscription!  It's just $25/month and they base YOUR box off your child's age and gender--all the way up to 3 years old!  Use code SPRINGFUN.  You can save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months or $25 on 12 months!

    THIS MamaNeeds a Break

    Hey there!  Welcome to MamaBreak.  We are glad you stopped by today!  Make sure to checkout all the links and pages--we put only the best and our favorite information out for you.  Don't want to waste your mama time or ours!

    Over here in the Midwest--this preggo mama needs a break.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT and I have a baby kicking me from the inside and a super clingy baby boy (ok, he is 3!) chasing me around the house.  It's too hot to attempt to go more than one place per day and it's really hot to be outside.

    Our FAVORITE indoor activity we have done for a while now, but it really applies to staying indoors this summer.  E calls it "SING-IT."  Its where He decides the music, the loudness (yup-it gets loud) and the attire for the dance party.  He changes the radio stations, boosts the volume and usually strips down to his undies while we both dance our buns off.

    How is THIS a break you might ask?  Since E has been dancing for nearly 2 years like this, I really, really enjoy watching this crazy activity while he dances with daddy.  Sometimes, when dad gets home it's how they burn their energy off before dinner or bed.  I get to sit with my feet up on the couch and watch. Yes, it's loud, but its also SUPER funny seeing the little man mimic daddy's dancing, things he sees at his babysitters and yes even the things he sees on TV!

    My advice: turn it up and get dancing!

    --Mama Steph

    Jet Pens Review

    I admit it. I am a COMPLETE school supply addict! I LOVE pens, pencils, sticky notes . . . EVERYTHING!

    I love having unique items that no one else has, and so I LOVE Jet Pens.
    At first, I thought Jet Pens would be just another pen company, but they have pencils, pens, pencil cases, paper . . . and the list goes on an on. They even have fountain pens for reasonable prices!

    They all have sort of a Japanese kind of style, and I was thrilled to receive one of their novelty erasers to review! Check out this adorable little Giraffe!

    Cuteness!!!! We love it here! All of the kids want to use it!

    What I love most about the site is how unique every item is! If you need unique pens and pencils (or any school supplies) that set you apart from the crowd, then Jet Set Pens is the place to look.

    You can find them at:
    They are also on facebook at:
    Or on facebook: 

    I received this item for free to review on MamaBreak. However, the opinions expressed here are my own.  

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    Privacy Policy
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    Giveaway of the Week: NuNAAT

    This is our first official week as MamaBreak and we did not want to disappoint with our very first giveaway!

    If you have not heard of NuNAAT, it really only needs two words to describe it: BEAUTY and CHOCOLATE.

    For this giveaway, we are not satisfied giving you a sample, and we are not going to stop at just one item! You are entering to receive 4 FULL SIZED items from NuNAAT's Chocolat Special Line!!!

    Here is a picture of the goodies you will receive!
    Giveaway is over.

    Why Mama Needs a Break

    Welcome to MamaBreak! MamaBreak has been an idea in my head for a while now. It all started with a little blog, that only Mama Steph and I ever read. I kept asking Steph to join me on creating a website. I kept telling her it would be great! But what would we do? What would we feature? Over the past two years, I bet I ran about 100 ideas past her, and she never agreed to start a website with me . . . until now J

    I have had an active blog with an active readership for a while now as Freebies, Fun, and Life.  I enjoyed blogging, but always wanted to do more . . . but I needed help to do more . . . and I needed my best friend.  

    The idea for MamaBreak has been the seed of a thought for a while. Parental support is such a strong motivator. If you have the support of your peers, you are more likely to be successful. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    BUT, in my experience moms are often the people that criticize other moms first. Why? Why do we feel the need as moms to tear each other down when we should be lifting each other up?

    THAT is where MamaBreak comes in. I wanted to create a place, an environment, that encourages mothers. That lifts them up. That gives them a little piece of happiness. Because I have learned that if the mom in a family is happy, the entire family is often happy.

    But why a break? Because in my experience it is the number one thing that I know that makes me a little happier in the day. It does not mean taking days away from your family. It does not mean taking a tropical vacation. It means for a few minutes, every day, doing something just for you. As mamas, we often forget to do that. I forgot to do that until I finally figured it out with my third child!

    MamaBreak is not just for moms with children at home. It is for ALL women who need to take a moment to treat themselves every day, to do something that is just for them that makes them happy.

    So, each day we will bring you a “break.” Something to do, just for YOU! It will never take more than 5 minutes, and will never require you to buy, sell, or click on any links.  

    Every week we will feature at least one article that talks about a topic near and dear to our hearts, and we hope yours as well. Advice on topics we have become informed about based on our own parenting experience.  This week we are departing from a typical advice article to share with you why we believe Mama needs a break!

    And because Steph and I both LOVE shopping, we are bringing you a little of what we find. Each week we will host a giveaway of a mama-related product. Each day we will post “deals” from the major “mom” daily deal websites. And each day we will bring you the steals we are watching. All steals will be from reputable, confirmed web sites and companies—we will never send you anywhere for a steal that we would not purchase from ourselves. These all can be found at the buttons on the top of each page!

    We hope you enjoy the page and our social media outlets!

    --Mama Jo--

    Past Giveaways

    For more giveaways, check out I Love Giveaways: Sweepstakes
    or List Your Blog Giveaway, which lists TONS of Giveaways 
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