Sites for Free Magazines

It's Sunday Site Day!!!!

Love magazines? Me too! I rarely pay for a subscription, as there are so many amazing free subscriptions out there. I use a "spam" email account, as some places will send several emails a week.
And Mamas-- by free we mean that you will NEVER be asked for a credit card and will never be billed. We are forgetful around here sometimes (as mamas), and we do not believe something is "free" if it is only free IF you remember to cancel in time. The offers are 100%, no credit card involved, completely FREE.

Next week: We will feature magazines that are ALWAYS free!


  1. gosh im with you I love free magazines!! Its so nice not to have to pay for them all the time great list of free magazines

  2. Love free Magazines! They are so expensive at the store!

  3. The kids are always needing magazines for school to cut out for one project or another. A free stack of them is awsome!

  4. I love free magazines. Thanks for sharing. :)