Navitas Naturals for Snacks!

As you know, I am on a journey to be healthier, and I will tell you my weakness is CHOCOLATE!! I LOVE chocolate, but hate all the calories! Chocolate is my go to food for stress, and I cannot imagine my life without it.
I am so happy I got to review for Navitas Naturals, because I found a way to incorporate chocolate into my new healthy eating plans! Healthy chocolate??? YES!!!!!!

These are Navitas Naturals Organic Sweet Raw Cacao Nibs. I am not crazy about the 6 grams of saturated fat that they have, but that is for a serving size of 1 oz, which is NOT how much I eat. I eat about this much, when I start to have a craving for chocolate.
It is enough for my craving to be taken care of, and is a nice little mid-day treat! 1 ounce also has 5 grams of fiber, so they are much healthier than just eating an entire chocolate bar (with 150 calories for 1 oz). Our measurement should that we eat about .05 ounces per serving rather than a full ounce.

We also are enjoying these Cacao Goji Superfood as a snack. We eat one little "bar" to give us energy and sugar when we need it. Although there are 120 calories and 53 fat calories, that is for a considerable amount more than 1 bar (in our measurement, a serving is about 2 bars).

While these would not be good to replace a meal, as a small snack in between meals, it is a great way to satisfy "sweet" craving!!

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