Mmmm Monday: Chicken Sausages!

As a working mom, I find it hard to coordinate meals AFTER we are home on a week night. I love to find go-to items and recipes that feed my family quickly and nutritiously.

See--this package was already used on another night! We just stored in a baggie  until we wanted more!

Boil, grill, or straight up skillet these guys! Its fast anyway, and they are already fully cooked!
 For us, we found that AppleGate Farms Dinner Sausages, Bilinski Gourmet Sausages, or something similar, are AWESOME for us.  We look for organic and natural meats at our local Schnucks, Trade Joes, Target or Whole Foods.
The finale-steamed broccoli, my FAV instant brown basmati rice with a Chicken Sausage

This go-to meal is perfect for our small family.  We are feeding a 3 1/2 year old good-eater, a mommy and a daddy.  (The littlest man is still on breast milk exclusively).

To learn more about our favorite Chicken Sausages visit their sites: AppleGate Farms or Bilinski Gourmet Meats

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