Healthy World, Healthy Child 2013 Party Box

I love the Healthy World, Healthy Child boxes. They are boxes with organic products, that are designed to host a party to inform people about having a more organic lifestyle. You make a $25 donation and receive a box filled with goodies.

In this year's box:

  • Baby's Only Organic Toddler Formula in 12 single serve packets. Web price: $9.99
  • 10- .9 oz Pedia Smart Organic Single Serve packets. Amazon per ounce price: $10.98 total
  • BabyGanics Toy and Highchair Cleaner. Amazon price: $8.48
  • EcoStore Pure Oxygen Whitener, 35.03oz. Amazon price: $14.95
  • Organic Valley Sandwich Box. Value??? $5??
  • Episencial Sunscreen. 2.7 oz. Amazon price: $12.50
  • Plum Organics Food Pouch. Amazon per ounce price: $1.50
  • Coupon for any 1 Plum Organics Product valued up to $3.99
  • Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, .75 oz. Amazon per ounce price: $1.80
  • Baby Bee Shampoo and Body Wash. Amazon per ounce price: $.86
  • 10- 2 fl oz Bona Floor Cleaner. Amazon per ounce price: $6.86
  • 10 painting pages- value, $1?
  • 4 oz Earth Friendly Products  Laundry Detergent. Amazon per ounce price: $.20
  • 4 oz Earth Friendly Products Dishmate. Amazon per ounce price: $1
  • 4 oz Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus. Amazon per ounce price: $.60
There were several coupons some included Earth Friendly Products: 10 coupons for $1 off a product and Plum Organics: 20 50 cents off coupons. There was a "coupon" for $10 off Baby's Only. However, it was a generic code freely available online. 

Total value: $79.71, which is not bad for a $25 donation.
Please also note that although the value of the boxes is very similar, the items inside the boxes may differ. For example, Mama Jo got the above box, while Mama Steph got a box with body wash and laundry soap samples, while Mama Jo got Bona Floor Cleaner and the Plum Organics. 


  1. Wow, that's a nice box of products for just a $25 donation!

  2. think I need to get this for my pregnant daughter

  3. Just ordered mine thanks for sharing

  4. What an awesome box! And a lot for the donation!