Why you need Tae Kwon Doe-- more than you know!

Over three years ago, my daughter decided she wanted to try Tae Kwon Doe. We had tried a lot of different activities. We were regulars at the gymnastics and dance gym when we lived in Kentucky, but never found another gymnastics group we liked when we relocated to North Dakota. My daughter also tried choir and dance since moving to our small town where we now reside. I was hesitant to place her into Tae Kwon Doe, and we had a rocky road from the start. My daughter was not/ is not the greatest listener, and she is easily distracted. This did not mesh well with a sport that requires concentration and obedience. This week, my little girl earned her red belt, and next year, she will test for her black belt. She has learned so much from this sport:

  • Self-motivation. There have been many times that she has not broken a board or completed her patterns. It just motivates her to try harder. 
  • Listening. She has not become the BEST listener, but Tae Kwon Doe turned her into a MUCH better listener. We actually attended her lessons for months in order to remind her to pay attention. Now, she listens and respects the instructors. 
  • Respect. She now knows that if she does not listen and follow the instructions to a tee, she may get injured. She has become more respectful both at lessons and at home. 
  • Self-esteem. She has gained so much pride and self-esteem in her skills at Tae Kwon Doe. 
  • Self-awareness. She knows her body and its abilities very well. My daughter may be one of the smallest in her class but she is tough. 
  • Self-protection. When you have a daughter who is amazingly beautiful, but extremely tiny, you worry about her safety. I am not saying that I think my daughter could take on an adult attacker, but I feel a little more confident in her ability to protect herself. 
  • Success. She has felt the honor of receiving her new belts, and the recognition that comes with that. She has also won many medals at tournaments, and feels like she has succeeded in something. 
If you are looking for a sport for your child to learn self-discipline and self control, while still getting a fantastic work-out, then this is the sport for you! We love Tae Kwon Doe, and are proud to say that our son (age 5) just received his first "belt" this week as well! 

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