Citrus Lane May 2013 Review

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We believe we have identified most of the Citrus Lane boxes. We did not get all of the Green Toys available, and we know some people received a submarine as well as a boat (we have the tugboat, so are happy we did not get that one-- and are trading our extra pizza for a submarine). Below you can see all the fantastic goodness May brought us (and I mean FANTASTIC GOODNESS!!!) Citrus Lane is $20 a month BUT with HALFOFF you can save 50% off of you first box! 

Older child box-- this box came for my 5 and 6 year old. The only minor differences it in color of gloves (my daughter got pink), and the spray was cleaning wipes in the other box.

  • Melissa and Doug Gloves, Value $5.13
  • Green Toys Planting Kit, Value $5.99
  • Clean Well Spray, Value $3.68
  • Snackanimals Cereal, Value 78 cents
  • Deep Steep Moisture Stick, Value $5.99
  • The Gigantic Turnip (not shown) book and CD. Value $16.99
Total value: $38.56
Fantastic value!

Younger toddler-- this was the box for a 22 month old girl. Others reported getting a blue car. It seems like this went out to people that had children 13-23 months.

  • Up, Up, Up book, Value $7.99
  • Deep Steep Moisture Stick, Value $5.99
  • Green Toys Race Car, Value $8.69
  • Ella's Kitchen Cookies, $2.99
  • Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Fingers, $4.21
Total Value: $29.87

This box came for my almost 3 year old Girl It seems that this was the box for children about 24 months-36 months (or more). Some people reported getting sandwich packs rather than the pizza seen here. 

  • We All Go Traveling By Book and CD, Value $9.99
  • Green Toys Pizza Play. We can only find the pizza parlor online?? The parlor is $21.22 on Amazon, but includes a pizza cutter. We are valuing it, then at $15.00
  • Happy Munchie Fruit Crisps, Value $3.59
  • 1 oz Salem Bakin Moravian Cookies, Value $1.63
Total Value: $30.21

3 month old Girl Box

  • My First Green Toys Keys, Value $7.99
  • Dapple Dish Soap Travel Size, Value $4.31
  • Bear Takes a Trip Board Book, Value $6.99
  • Mommy Hook, Value $6.99
  • Grip Water, Value $8.22
Total Value: $34.50

6 month old boy box

Happy Munchies--$2.99 Amazon single price
Green Toy Stacker--$15.63 on Amazon
Deep Steep Moisture Stick, Lavendar--$4.35 on Amazon
Bear Takes a Trip, retail $6.99
Travel Dapple- $4.31 on Amazon

Total Value: $34.27

Remember, Citrus Lane is just $25 a month, and you get such a great value. You can clearly see that it is individualized for each child for both age and gender, and is TONS of fun! CLICK HERE to subscribe now!

Links contained in this post are referral links and MamaBreak may receive a referral credit. 

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