Diet-to-Go Review

As many of you know, we are on a "getting healthier" journey, and one of the things I struggle with the most is diet. I am not the type of person who wants to "go without" and starve myself, because I know, simply put, that those diet plans are not life changes and will not last. I want to lose the weight FOR GOOD this time!

If you are like me, you maybe have looked at some diet plans. The ones that send food are very attractive to me because I am a very busy, on the go person, and it makes life MUCH simpler. But let's be straight for a moment. I am also the mom of three beautiful children and I do not have thousands of dollars to spend every month on food. I simply do not. I also would rather NOT eat cardboard! That is why I LOVE that I am an ambassador now for Diet-to-Go.

So, here is what you NEED to know.

  • Epicurious rated this the #1 diet meal plan in a blind taste test. 
  • Regularly the plan is $95.99 a week (which is MUCH more reasonable than other plans), but they often run specials. Right now it is $71.99 a week!
  • You receive frozen meals that are specially prepared to meet your likes (and needs)!
  • The provide low-fat, vegetarian, AND low-carb options!
I know what you are all wondering, is it THAT good? Yes, it really is. 

My first concern was meeting my dietary needs. I have some major food allergies that often get in the way of dieting: tomatoes, seafood (shellfish), and mushrooms. Often, diet foods have tomatoes AND mushrooms. So, when I put in my request, I was skeptical. But when my food arrived and I carefully inspected it, not one mushroom or tomato in site (and no shellfish). I was impressed.  

The food came individually wrapped by each meal, and there were some "fresh" extras like fruits and yogurts.

Each dish came specifically labels what was in it and if it included any of the other foods. This made it super convenient. But wait, where was my meal plan? Where was my list of what I could eat each day? I asked this question of my team leader, and she replied that there was not set daily menu. That is right-- you get to eat what you actually want to eat! Amazing!

Was the food THAT good? Oh my word! It is melt in your mouth good! This is a photo of my lunch the other day:

Yes, that IS a burger. More than that it is a CHEESEBURGER. It was actually a black bean veggie burger, and this veggie burger put every other veggie burger I have ever had to shame. It was DELICIOUS! It was thick, juicy and just amazing! Want to know what I had yesterday? A baked pretzel!!! Yes, a pretzel and soup. I do not think I have eaten this good since I lived and home and my mom cooked for me. This food is amazing! My husband is constantly wanting to "steal" my meals, and even the kids are asking if they can try them! They are THAT good!

You are probably wondering if the food is filling. There are days I do not even think I can finish what is on my plate! No, you will definitely NOT starve in Diet-to-Go, but you will be filled with amazing food!!!
I am so happy I found Diet-to-Go. I never thought that "dieting" could be this simple! 

You can check our Diet-to-Go at:
They have a live chat if you ever have questions, and I have had amazing experiences with customer service! They also have a blog if you DO want to follow a diet plan (and be directed what to eat each day). It really is a plan that is for everyone because they will custom fit the package to YOU. And in select areas, you can even pick up your food FRESH!

As a Diet-to-Go ambassador, I receive campaigns that include free meals from Diet-to-Go. As always my opinions and experiences are my own. 


  1. I want this so bad. Good look on your diet journey!!

  2. I would love to try this. Thank you for the great information.