May Juniper Review

A box for your period . . . it sounded like such an odd idea, but I thought I would give it a try (because it was FREE!-- more on that below!!!!).

My May box arrived and this is what was inside:

  • 10 Regular Natracare Tampons (you can choose your favorite brand). Value: $3.99
  • 10 Natracare Super Tampons. Value: $3.49
  • 5 Natracare Regular pads. Value: $1.78
  • 5 Always Infinity Liners. Value: 10 cents
  • 4 Midol painkillers. Value: $1.16
  • .5 oz Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. Value: 26 cents
  • 1 oz Cherry Bay Orchards Dried Tart Cherries. Value: 67 cents
  • 1.50 oz Justin's Chocolate Hazlenut Butter. Value: $3.91
  • 3- Davidson's Organics Tulsi Tea. Value: 36 cents
  • Clean Getaway Soap Co Lip Balm. Value: 56 cents
  • 3- GloryBee Honey sticksValue: 20 cents
Total value: $16.48

The price if you subscribe is $28.00 a month. This one is hard. The value is not there, but to not have to worry about stocking the house with pads and tampons, plus getting a little treat has a definite value as well! You will need to decide for yourself! 

The REALLY fantastic part is if you subscribe now and use code: Mamabreak, you will get your first box for FREE!!! Yep, completely FREE! The free boxes will not be available until August, so if you are patient, sign up now :)


  1. I wouldn't mind it if they gave a least what you pay. I think I want to do cotton bunny.

    1. Yes, I would agree. I am not a huge fan of Subscription Boxes that do not provide at least the amount that you pay in the box.
      I will add that canceling was super easy! Great customer service!