Friday Fan Question!!!

We love answering YOUR questions!!! This week's question was:

How do I know if a prize has been claimed or if a new winner will be drawn?

We love this question! As you know, we ALWAYS display the rafflecopter winner! Always! We are not secretive about our winners at all (and we want YOU to know if you won)!

We re-draw all winners if they have not responded to our "You are a WINNER" email. The winner has 48 hours to respond. All winner emails come from: (time to add us to your email list if you have not already)! If we do not get a reply, we remove the name from the rafflecopter and re-draw (and re-list the new name). This actually happens more times than you would imagine (so add us to that email list)!

IF the prize has been claimed, the giveaway will be listed as a "past giveaway." If you still see the contest in our current giveaways, but it is finished, it means we are still waiting for a winner's response!

So, there is your answer. If you still see it under our live giveaways, we are still looking for a winner. If it has been moved to "Past Giveaways" it has been claimed!

Thanks for your fun questions! Send us some MORE!!!!!

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