Choosing a GOOD Sunscreen

It's Fan Friday, where we answer YOUR questions!
This week, I had a fabulous question about sunscreen! I LOVE talking about sunscreen!!!
Before I had kids, I NEVER considered the brand of sunscreen I was using. I just picked up a high SPF and called it a day.

Then, I had kids! And I found out that sunscreen DOES matter. Many sunscreens have unsafe chemicals that you do NOT want absorbed into the body. This is especially true for little ones! And I KNOW it can be so overwhelming reading labels, especially for sunscreen-- and harder to remember what is safe and what is not.

Environmental Work Group has made it EASY!!!! They have a new guide each year. You just visit:  put in the sunscreen you are wondering about in the search box, and they will give you a rating (with 1 being the best, and lowest rating). It will also tell you about the dangerous chemicals in the product you are searching for and why it is not recommended.

Want an even EASIER way to see sunscreens? Go to:
where they list their 184 recommended sunscreens!

Our personal favorite is ThinkBaby/ ThinkSport. This is the one we use most often:
So head to the beach, but keep your skin healthy!

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