Mmmm Memorial Day!

On this day we remember all those who have served, given their lives and are currently serving in branches of the military.  THANK YOU for all the sacrifices!

With Memorial Day also comes some amazing cook-out foods. With our new addition, we just knew we weren't getting out, BUT we were going to have some amazing food!

We use Camerons Stainless Steel Stove Top Smoker.  This was a gift from my dad to hubby a few years ago and it is a HIT! We LOVE our smoker.  It makes small batches of amazing tasting food.

We marinated these baby back ribs in COFFEE over night, seasoned and followed directions in the smoker booklet (45 minutes on the stove, 2 hours in the oven) Marinated in our favorite BBQ sauce throughout the cooking process!

THIS is what we got to enjoy!
Hope you celebrated in a great way too!  Happy Long weekend!

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