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As a mom, I know one of the hardest things to get is a good night's rest. Since I had my first child, I have such a difficult time resting, and we all know how important sleep is. It always seems that something wakes me up at night, whether it is a child, a dog, or even the cat-- getting a good night' rest is hard when you are a mom. Not only does healthy sleep keep you from being moody the next day, but getting a good night's rest also will give you energy the next day. Research even indicates that getting a good night's rest will help you in losing weight!

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ZzzQuil can help you in getting the sleep your body and mind needs! It is for people 12 years and up and is non-habit forming like many other sleep medications available. Many people have used NyQuil to assist in sleeping when they have a cold or flu. Now you can use this same trusted brand for times that you just need a little sleep! And ZzzQuil is the ONLY sleep aid available as both a liquid or LiquiCap form, so it truly is for anyone needing sleep! With the active ingredient, diphenhydramine HCl, you can get the rest you need faster, so that you can wake up and face your day! 
This Vick's family sleep aid is just what you need to get back to sleep from a brand you know and trust.
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