Vtech Safe and Sound Video Monitor Review

Vtech Safe and Sound Video Monitor

I LOVE IT!  Seriously, I love this monitor.  I have been using the monitor for a little over three weeks.  I love that my son has NO idea that he is being watched!  What do I love, you ask?  Let me count the things:

My FAVORITE view--a sleeping kiddo in the top of his loft!

  1. Mobile!  I can charge it and take it wherever I am in the house. It works like a charm, and is about the size of a smart phone
  2. Screen size!  The screen is big and I CAN SEE IN THE DARK!  Seriously, I can see my little guy (who looks a bit like a raccoon eyed monster!) when he pops his head up off the lofted bed.
  3. TALK!  I can talk into the room, if I so choose. HOW cool is that!?
  4. Volume options! There are a lot...I can watch TV and still know that he is moving...how? Check #5
  5. VIBRATION!  If I want, I can turn the volume ALL the way down, and it will only vibrate when there is a loud noise or MOVEMENT!  Yes, I can still have piece and quiet.
  6. Camera station!  The camera can sit anywhere and/or be mounted in a room.  We haven't done this yet because #2 will be using it in a few weeks!
  7. CLARITY! I can CLEARLY hear what the kiddo is saying (or daddy putting him to bed!) and this is awesome. :) 
  8. Adding cameras!  I can add up to 4 cameras to the SAME monitor and watch them ALL. (Ahem, don't tell hubby--he only wants 2 kids :) 
  9. Piece of mind!  I KNOW kiddo is safe when I have this on and see him moving around. I really needed this.
  10. Price!  You can't beat the price with all these benefits. It's not an investment anymore, its really just a necessity for moms who are nosy (yep, that's me!)
I HIGHLY recommend this great monitor!

MamaBreak received a monitor to review here on MamaBreak. MamaBreak did not receive any other kind of compensation. As always our experiences and our opinions are our own. 

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  1. I always wanted one of these when my kids were younger. This sounds great.