Halloween Music-- for kids!

I am always looking for new music for my kids that both they AND I can enjoy! We like to provide music for our kids that is entertaining and educational, but still FUN!

That is why we loved finding Little Golden Records. Little Golden Records reminds of my the books I grew up with as a child that you could play with a record. If you remember these, they had a chime to "Turn the Page." I had my very own record player, and would listen and read along!

These records are music based, and they even have a Halloween CD that is PERFECT for the season! My kids love "Witches Stew." I am very careful about the music and television my children listen to and watch, and we loved that the CD provided tons of fun music that was child appropriate.

You can purchase the Halloween CD on either Amazon  or iTunes.

Looking for a "treat for your family? Then their Golden Records Volume 1 is perfect! This is a CD with many celebrity voices reading your favorite nursery rhymes such as Hansel and Gretel or Goldilocks.

I especially loved hearing Ed Asner read The Little Engine That Could. 
Volume 1 is available on Amazon or iTunes.
BUT you can buy it for an EXCLUSIVE PRICE of $9
at Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/21586684ip/21586684

MamaBreak received a digital copy of the CDs for review on the website. MamaBreak did not receive any other type of compensation for the review. As always, our experience and opinions are our own. 


  1. We have this and love it. Great review.

  2. Oh my gosh this reminds me of my childhood! I bet your kids love it!

  3. Love these, awesome review. We always use to play the Halloween Music while passing out candy, miss having trick or treaters :(

  4. Awww these look like something my daughter would jam out to!

  5. This is great, thank you for sharing I need something like this.