MegaBloks Party!

One of the best parties I have hosted was this MegaBloks party for MommyParties.

The gift package was EXTREMELY generous and the kids just LOVED the bloks.  The photos will really tell the story, but I'll quickly go over the items we received to review.  The kids loved all the toys, they loved the stickers, alphabet and numbers on them.  The wagon was, by far, the most popular item.

The kids liked to build up and over the wagon, with it and next to it (to allow the cars to JUMP).

Super fun with treats, games, coupons and kidoos!

These were the items we received to review:
Mega Bloks First Builders Play n Go Wagon
  Mega Bloks First Builders Tiny n Tuff Race n Chase Rig

Assortment of Numbers and Letters Mega Bloks First Builders ABC Spell and 123 Count

Learning to share the Bloks!

Showing off the creation!

Big tower!

Everyone Builds!

Don't touch my MegaBloks!

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