MyGlam Ipsy October Sneak Peak

We are SOOO excited for the My Glam / Ipsy Bag this month! They JUST posted a sneak peek.

I spy:

  • An amazing bag! Already so in love!
  • An eye shadow quad
  • Mascara perhaps
  • Looks like a lip gloss on the far left
What do you see Mamas?

Update 10/11: MyGlam / Ipsy proves once again why they are one of the best out there for subscription boxes! My tacking number shows that my bag will arrive on Monday! I wonder if now that they are changing the name to Ipsy, if they will still arrive in those little pink envelopes?


  1. Looks exciting

  2. Replies
    1. Mamas-- if you want a true peak-- check the facebook wall of MamaBreak--- thanks so much!