Tiny Prints for your Fall Invitation Needs

Fall is right around the corner. I LOVE making invitations for my guests! It is a nice way to start out your holiday planning.
Throwing a Halloween party? Tiny Prints have the cutest invitations! What I love the most is that you can personalize each of them right on the website! 
  Halloween party invitations are the perfect way to invite your or your child's guests. My 9 year old and 5 year old LOVE designing their own invitations. It is a great way to make their parties even more special!

Don't forget that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We love sending thanksgiving photo cards
to our relatives that live out of town, especially grandparents! We know they miss seeing the kids during the holidays, and this is our way of sharing the holiday with them!

Last, but not least, we LOVE Thanksgiving, and it is ALWAYS a big affair at our house. We always have at least 20 people for dinner, and serve all of the Thanksgiving feast regulars: turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and cranberries. I love hosting at my house because I LOVE to watch my Thanksgiving shows! Parade in the morning followed by "It's a Wonderful Life." No football in my house, and since the celebration IS at my house, I get to decide. One frustration I have is telling people time and time again the TIME that we are having dinner. Which is why I send thanksgiving invitations.
The invites can serve as a nice, friendly reminder to all of your guests the time of dinner. I also let me kids choose the design, and they love being a part of the big celebration!

MamaBreak received compensation in the form of a gift card to Tiny Prints in exchange for this review. However, our opinions and experiences are completely our own.

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