Graveyard Mall Mystery Box Review

So, in case you have not noticed, I love subscription boxes and one of the reason is my love for surprises.

A site called Graveyard Mall occasionally provides mystery boxes. Although I have had VERY bad luck with some of the specific boxes, I have had VERY good luck with the Guaranteed Custom Mystery Box. First, you should know that all of the boxes are guaranteed. And I HAVE returned a box before and got a 100% refund (including shipping). So, the risk is really low for these boxes. The box I purchased was $32.99 and it was during a special $1.99 shipping on all items on the site that day, so my shipping was only $1.99 for a total of $34.98.

My box arrived today, and this is what was inside:
  • Laugh Easel. Amazon price: $4.25
  • Extra Touch flannel shirt. could not locate online. Based on similar products on Amazon, estmated value $30.00
  • Global Decor Professional Collection Ultra Seafood Tool Set. Amazon price: $24.99
  • Just My Size Velvet Shirt. Price tag reads $16.00
  • Just My Size Foxy Sweatshirt. Price tag reads $11.00
  • Just My Size tee (Brown). Price tag reads $10.00
  • Just My Size tee (Purple). Price tag reads $10.00
  • Just My Size tee (Navy Blue). Price tag reads $10.00
  • EnzoAngelini sunglasses. Web Price estimate $30.00
  • Eco Balance Bath Gift Set. Amazon price: $28.99
  • Natural Life Necklace. Price tag and web price of $20.00
  • Blue snuggie. Amazon price: $9.99
  • Conair double sided light up make-up mirror. Amazon price: $22.99
Total value: $228.21
So, obviously this is an AMAZING value. Like I said, I have NEVER had the personalized box go wrong. This time around I completely love the shirts. I do not know if I will wear the velvet ones, but the others are super cute. I cannot imagine NOT using anything that was sent to me, and obviously this box is NOT going back.  I would strongly encourage you to watch their Facebook page, as they usually post when a mystery box has gone up on the site. No risk, so a great deal!

I will add that in the past Graveyard Mall has taken a LONG time to ship. They have become MUCH better about faster shipping times. For example, I ordered this box on the 11th. It arrived today.  I did have to contact customer service about an issue with using a credit on my account. Customer service replied to me email within an hour and had resolved the issue.

Clearly I have ordered mystery boxes before. In the notes for the custom mystery boxes, you are asked to leave information about yourself. I have written these before, so I am not sure if they read prior notes, but I did give my clothing size, told them I was female, and that I wanted items for myself (not my kids). 

Their website:
The mystery box page:
Their facebook:

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