Champion Me Books Personalized Books Review

My children LOVE to read, and we love incorporating them into stories. We have often been disappointed with other personalized book companies because many of the companies out there are very narrow in terms of the "children" that you create and choose from.

As many of your have probably noticed, my children are non-white. As someone who is very concerned with cultural relations, I try to introduce my children to a wide array of nationalities and cultures. However, it is nice to allow them to have products that celebrate THEM. The problem is that many companies really offer a few versions of children. In general it is a light-skinned child with different colors of hair and eyes. Occasionally, you will find a company that allows for very dark skin, but rarely do you find a company that celebrates not only the multiple skin tones, but eye, mouth, and hair differences as well. We had the hardest time last year creating a doll that looks like my daughter simply because they did not offer an option that DID look like her.

That is why I was THRILLED with my options at Champion Me Books! The Personalized Children's Books feature a large variety of eye shapes, skin tones, hair styles (and textures), and even nose shape. I loved that they really considered the wide array of children in the world, and worked to celebrate those differences.

Champion Me Books has won many awards in the children's book and toy fields!

They offer 4 different titles to feature your child in, and all are very cute! You can create them as e-books as well as soft or hardcover books. Our favorite was [Your Child] vs. The Scribble Monster for our little "artist" who likes to draw all over the house. They also offer:
  • [Your Child] vs. Stonkeropolous
  • [Your Child] in Gadget Land
  • [Your Child] in the Great Escape of Mighty Star! 
All titles are adorable and fun!

You can check out all of the options here: 
Want to create and win your own? Stay tuned, because you KNOW we have a giveaway!!! 

MamaBreak received a code to try out the Champion Me books so that we could adequately review it here on the site. As always, our reviews and opinions are our own. 


  1. I have to say I am a huge fan on products that are personalized. I love personalize books especially I think it is an awesome gift!

  2. Oh how neat!! I LOVE personalized products because both my children have odd names and I can never just buy personalized things for them. They too have different features so I like that there is such a wide variety to choose from!

  3. I like personalized products because it makes the gift unique, with regards to books, it will make reading more interesting.


  4. I LOVE getting my children personalized book! They really think it is awesome to see their name in a book. They don't have these ones yet :O) they would make a great Christmas surprise.

  5. I think this is a great way for grandkids to spend time at our home reading with us as we dont keep as many things around and this makes the book special.