Birchbox October 2012

So, do you subscribe to BirchBox?
If you do, you may have received an email to opt-in for a special "goop" box this month. I DID receive and email, and did opt in. I know many others have reported not receiving the email, or some people being told they were too late.
It seems the emails are going out in waves, so be on the look out!

No set ups yet for the boxes themselves, but I will be posting here once they are!!!

Ok, we have a possible spoilers for the boxes themselves, but only for Goop boxes:
Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara: Larger Sample
DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer: Small Tube Sample
Orofluido Beauty Elixir: Larger Sample 
Embryolisse Anti-Aging Cream: FOILS (UGH!!!!)
Lemon Zest Luna Bar (I am so in love with Luna Bars!)

Many people are speculating that there are 2 variations to the Goop boxes, but the links have not yet posted, so no one can be very sure. 

No word on the regular BirchBox for those that did not opt-in for Goop!

You know the drill ladies. Here is a starter number for you.
Go up and down numbers to see more possibilities. It seems they may stop at 37?
Still no weight on my box, but lots of ladies getting beauty blenders, Kiehls, and Luna bars! Here's to hoping my shipping info updates soon and my box arrives!

Get your box yet? Tell us what was inside!

Update: October 11. STILL No tracking update. Nothing is on my tracking number. But when opening my BirchBox account, it is leading me to BirchBox 13 when it states what is in my BirchBox this month!
I am LOVING this box . . . so let's hope that is what actually arrives! I DID want a Beauty Blender, but I LOVE Super Goop! I hope the samples are GENEROUS!!!! You will be the first to know with photos and video when it arrives!

Finally arrived! My full review is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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