Lansinoh mOmma bottle, milk storage, Lanollin and pads review

MamaBreak is REALLY excited to share this review with our readers.  Both Mama Jo and Mama Steph adore Lansinoh products and are AVID supporters of breastfeeding.  We hope you learn from this review, too!

My little "helper" washing our new bottle!

The NEWEST product that we really enjoyed was the Lansinoh mOmma Drinking set.  The bottle has an odd shape, but it is the new Air Ventilation System (AVS) that helps prevent gas.  PLUS, one bottle is flat bottomed and one rocks/moves.  The bottles GROW with baby :)

The set pictured comes with two bottles along with silicone nipples and a protective cover.  While it seems a little awkward for moms and dads at first, baby's little hands fit around and "hug" the bottle PERFECTLY. 
Plus, it seems that the nipple provides a really, really similar suckle for baby.  The flow was perfect, baby was still working for the milk, but I could see just how much breast milk was taken.

These are awesome bottles--I was able to tuck baby near me, just like when I'm nursing.  The bottle rested well in baby's hands and wasn't too long.

If you want to try the new mOmma Drinking set, you can print a coupon here!

 As a bf momma, I have tried ALL types of lanolin and CONTINUE to come back to my favorite in purple: Lansinoh.  The Lansinoh Lanolin is SO thick!  If you don't know already, Lanolin heals dry, cracked and sore nipples from breastfeeding.  You can leave this on even when feeding baby and apply it after each feeding.

This is my goody bowl next to my bed and rocking chair.  Close by for quick use (individually wrapped nursing pads and two squeeze tubes of Lansinoh's Lanolin)

 I really like the disposable nursing pads by Lansinoh because of how large they are.  As a mom who is top-heavy, these cover everything and absorb well.  They come individually wrapped, so I can conceal them in a diaper bag or purse for work or on-the-go.  They are really slim and comfortable.  Before I leave home, I do have to make sure they are in correctly so they don't show through a shirt.  I still really like these nursing pads and highly recommend them!
The Lansinoh breast storage bottles are really helpful. I can pump, freeze and feed all within the same bottle. I don't like to waste ANY milk at all, and these help in transferring of different holders. They hook up to Lansinoh Electric and Manual pumps as well as other brands. The bottles wash up nicely. I keep the lids with the extra seal on the TOP shelf of my dishwasher. I don't want the lids overheating or getting too much steam.  When the bottle is being opened or closed, it click and then you know its open. I also like the bottom edge of the lid. It is ribbed and easy to open when your hands are fumbling or even wet.

Steph received products from Lansinoh to review the products listed here. However, her opinions on the products are completely her own. 


  1. I absolutely loved their products. I just recently used a lot of their stuff. Their bags are the best for storing. Great review.

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