Copy Kids Review

Mama Jo says:

My children HATE vegetables. My oldest has always been an adventurous eater, and will try almost anything. But my 5 year old think the three meals of the day are waffles, corn dogs, and chicken nuggets. My 2 year old is also a picky eater at times, and neither liked vegetables.

That is why I think Copy Kids is such a great idea. Copy Kids is a video that shows children eating fruits and vegetables in a fun environment. The idea is, if kids see other kids loving vegetables, then they will want to try them as well.

Thus far, my son has not asked for more fruit or vegetables, but I am hoping with more time he will see them as a delicious snack and not a punishment.

The video is very fun, and my children enjoyed watching it. It held the attention of my youngest two children, and they really enjoyed watching it. We have watched it a few times since receiving it, and I think over time it will really help them to have a love to all types of food! I hope they come out with a series of videos that introduce kids to even more variety in food!

Mama Steph says:

My little man LOVES vegetables, but does not care for fruit. We watched the video together so we could talk about how food helps us grow big and strong.  Healthy eating was echoed at his pre-school this week as well as in Sunday school!  I loved how it was NOT just mama telling him these facts about food.

Copy Kids is a great video and was fun to watch my guy learn from it.  He sat engaged and asking questions about colors, kids and food. I don't think mamas could ask for much more!  While my guy hasn't jumped into eating a lot more fruit, we are making a little progress.  He at least SAMPLES one bite of fruit at each family dinner.  Maybe a few more Copy Kid views and he will ASK for some :)

Copy Kids has received many awards including Dr. Toy's Top 10 of 2011.

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  1. Looks like a great dvd! My boys are very picky!!

  2. Thats a novel idea to try for picky kids

  3. oh nice!! I woukd like this for our grandkids...they think I am nuts cause i eat celery all the time...they tell me"we eat meat!" sigh

  4. We <3 Copy Kids! My son eats his veggies now, just last night he even ate all his bok choy! All I do is tell him to eat like the copy kids! :)

  5. They are sending me a DVD of this I can not wait to get it now,Thanks