Cheap Airlines . . . deal or no deal?

I am planning a trip for our family, and wanted to look into some of the cheaper airline alternatives. One airline I looked into, Allegiant Airlines, has a policy that states you need to pay an additional fee for each ticket if you would like your party to sit together.

As a a mom, I could not imagine that they would let my 2 year old sit by herself. However, upon contacting the airline, that is EXACTLY what could happen! This seems to me that it may violate laws about children traveling alone. I am going to look into it. I am just imagining a nice, peaceful flight while someone else sits with my screaming kids for the entire flight. I am both amazed and upset with this policy. I obviously would never seriously consider letting my children sit alone, especially my 2 and 5 year old!

I am going to look around at policies and see if this is even LEGAL to start with. If not, I will have to consider if it is even a deal to travel with them. It seems they charge so much for each item, that in the end it would cost just as much to fly with a more known airline. 

Here is a copy of the conversation I had with Allegiant:

Please wait, an agent will be with you shortly.
Your chat session has started..
Cheryl:  Thank you for contacting Allegiant Travel. My name is Cheryl. Thank you for your patience.

How may I assist you today?

Jonna :  I am traveling with 3 children ages 9, 5, and 3. I am assuming they will not be seated alone?
Cheryl:  If you want to ensure that your party is seated together, we do recommend reserving seats, for a nominal fee, in advance. While we will do our best to accommodate families, the availability of seats together can’t be guaranteed.
Jonna :  So, if I do not reserve a seat for all 5 people in my party, you may choose to seat my 2 year old by herself?
Cheryl:  It could happen but not likely
Cheryl:  We will do our best to accommodate families, the availability of seats together can’t be guaranteed.
Jonna :  I am planning to screen shot this conversation for my blog. I am sure my readers would love to know this information.
Cheryl:  Is there anything else I can help you with today Jonna?
Jonna :  No, I think that answers my que


  1. Since chatting with a few people, this is legal. I would love to hear of anyone that flew and sat separate from their children . . .

  2. I have heard of it. I traded a lady my seat so her child (not yet 3) could sit by her mother. She was just a few rows back but come on! I would hope any human would do the same.

  3. I agree- I would think that anyone would swap seats with me, if only to save themselves from having to sit next to my children. My 9 year old has flown many times and is happy to sit on her own, but the other two are far too young to sit alone.