Cutest Kids Shoes

Kelly from SparkleCore and I both LOVE shoes. She writes often on designer adult shoes, but I wanted her to know about the kids' shoes available as well. These are the shoes I felt were the most adorable ones out there. We collaborated . . . and to see what the shoes look like when they are all grown up . . . CLICK HERE. 

Zoo Collection By Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly is not new to the adorable kids’ shoe market, but their new collection really knocks the ball out of the park. The zoo collection features animal and beading and the best part is you buy one shoe and design for the left foot, and one for the right foot. This allows you to wear different animals on each foot! With their wide variety of animals, there is no stop to the fun you can have mixing and matching!


Fish Sneaker By Converse All Star

If you prefer sea creatures to land animals, then the fish sneaker from Converse All Star may be just your fit! This adorable sneaker features a fish face with two eyes that will look up at you when you walk. Perhaps the best feature is the little tail that sticks out in the back.

Freddy The Frog By PolliWalks

If hopping is more your speed, you will love Freddy the Frog from PolliWalks. He is bright green with big eyes. We especially love his little red tongue sticking out! The best part- when you walk, you make a print of frogs!

Cupcake By WeeBoo

They say that every little girl’s dream is to own a horse. Well, these horse shoes would certainly make any little (or big) girl happy! They Velcro shut for easy on and off access, and check out those little ears! We only wish they made them in adult sizes!

Lotus Rain Boot Manufactured By Kidorable

Wet, fall days are fast approaching, and soon sandals will need to be exchanged for boots. To keep feet dry, these Lotus boots are made of rubber, and have a non-grip sole. They feature a blooming lotus flower on the front toe, with a vine that wraps around. The top of the boot is scalloped to give the appearance of a flower. The colors of the boots alternate to bring in the popular “mismatched” look this season.

 Thank you SparkleCore for collaborating with us! We really enjoyed working with you!


  1. I was reading Kelly's post about this earlier today, lol. Both of you did great! I think the Fish Sneakers are too cute! Thanks for sharing and working together ladies!

  2. These are the cutest shoes I have seen! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. They are so CUTE!!!! I love the little shoes! Thanks for the review!

  4. ahh such cute shoes too bad my kids are too big for these

  5. Bravo!! I love this collaboration and I would love to own nearly all the adult shoes, not to mention the kid's shoes

  6. these are so adorable. I wish my daughter was still little.