Thred Up Review and Link for FREE Clothes!!!!

 A new company . . . a new site . . . I am SO in love!

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Thred Up. I never used the site because the idea was about swapping clothes with other people. There were MANY dissatisfied customers, and I did not want to risk it. ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED!!!!

First, the site is completely different and rather than end up with a random box, you choose EXACTLY what you want. The amazing thing is, they have gone through all of the clothing and have searched them for rips, stains, etc. The clothing selection is HUGE!!!

I purchased a dress, pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of pants for my kids. All for $20!!!! AMAZING price! They all arrived, and you HAVE to see this box!

CUTENESS! I love it!

The clothes inside were impeccable! Not a stain, rip, nothing. They looked LIKE NEW.

 I got a Bonnie Jean dress:

KidZone Jeans:

Circo Pants and BoyzWear Pants:

You can SELL back your clothing to them too to earn credit. For $4.95 they will send you a HUGE bag with postage paid. You send it back FILLED. They refund your $4.95 and you get credit for your clothing.

As if all of that is not amazing enough, you can get a $10 credit RIGHT NOW towards your first order by clicking through THIS LINK. The shipping is $6.05, so if you only want to try them out, add $3.05 or less to your cart, and it will be FREE!!! FREE KIDS CLOTHES -- we LOVE FREE!!!!!!

I received a credit to shop at so that I would be able to write this review. MamaBreak did not receive any other type of compensation for this review, and our experience and opinions are our own!


  1. Very nice used clothes. Thanks for the information!!

  2. I had looked into this before, but was also leery about the randomness. I'll have to look back into it now, thanks!

  3. sounds interesting. I've never heard of any thing like this before.

  4. I like the dress!! Super cute!! And that its a name brand...!

  5. that is much cheaper than going to the thrift stores, I was looking for shorts for the baby last month, and the thrift store wanted 7.00 for baby shorts, I left, and went to Kmart, Might as well buy new for that price. $20.00 for all that is so cheap!!

  6. I love the concept! The clothes look really nice and I think you got them for a steal!

    I've never heard of this company and I really, really like the sound of them. Thanks for sharing so I can check them out :)

  7. Too cool and too cute! I am going to check this out now! Thanks!!

  8. I've heard of them and I think though it may work for some the site is not for me