Elegant Touch makes home manicures EASY!

I love nail designs, but I am so clumsy, that I can barely put on regular nail polish, let alone paint fancy designs. That is why I love Elegant Touch. They make putting designs on your nails SUPER easy!

The first "design" I tried was their Flawless French Manicure Kit.
 I loved how amazing my nails looked. The process of putting them on was really easy. They have a fairly unique system. The tip applies just to the end of your nail, which you apply with glue. Then you "snap off" the end with a nail clipper.
This allows the tip to stay on your nail, and is easy to file down once it is clipped off on the end. 
The French Manicure kit is meant to last for weeks with the perfect French Manicure. It also protects your nail tips so that your nails can grow naturally without chipping or breaking. 

I did not get to try them out long term, but it proved how much the tips DO protect your nail. I was assembling a chair, and my nail slipped and got caught in one of the pop off pegs. It popped the tip right off of my nail, but my nail stayed intact underneath. You could clearly tell a LOT of force went into it, and the nail tip completely protected my nail udnerneath. I am fairly sure that I would have lost my nail or at least badly damaged it if I did not have the nail tip on. 

Removal was SUPER easy with nail polish removed. I did not have any damage to my nails underneath, like a lot of products leave.  

The entire kit is available on Ulta for $14.99.

MamaBreak was sent this product for free to review on the site. MamaBreak was not compensated monetarily for this review, and as always the review and opinions are our own.


  1. Pretty! This is something I would definitely try! I love the look of painted finger nails, but it's such a hassle dealing with all that nail polish!

  2. french tips.. please do mines

  3. I love simplicity!! I never have the time to get manicures and this will certainly make it easier!


  4. I hated paying an arm and a leg to get my nails done, and hated the damage it causes to my real nails even more, so I haven't done it in years. Thanks for cluing me in on this great product!

  5. I LOVE French tips...but they are a pain to apply...I would love to try these out!!

  6. what a great idea... I always get my daughter to paint my nails because I can't seem to paint straight lines LOL