Yonanas Review

Are you looking for a summer treat that is cool and delicious! We are LOVING our Yonanas machine that we received to review here on MamaBreak!

Yonanas takes simple frozen fruit and makes it into a smooth, delicious ice cream! You do not add any ingredients at all-- JUST frozen fruit. You can add frozen bananas, but my kids have been loving pure mixed fruits. The mixed fruits were just on sale at the grocery store, so we stocked up!

It is a great way to get your kids to eat more fruit, and my kids think it is "dessert" so it makes a great afternoon and evening snack! It was so simple to use that my 10 year old was able to operate it with ease, and it was super easy to clean! The pieces are dishwasher safe, so it was such a simple process!

So, does it look and taste just like ice cream (as their ads claim)? It really, really does. I did not expect it to, after all, I am just putting in frozen fruit-- but the process does m

ake it feel, taste, and look just like ice cream!

Check out to order yours! http://www.yonanas.com/

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