Our MUST HAVE School Supply Favorites

Someone asked me the other day what are the must have school supplies that I recommend. These are supplies that we have purchased over YEARS (my oldest is 10), that we get every year (or in some cases only need to replace occasionally).

Must Have Pen:
BIC Multi-color pen. I did a Smiley360 review of this a while back, and my daughter fell in love with it. They need a red pen or pencil for correcting, and this has black, red, and green. I loved sharing a part of my childhood with her. 

Must Have Pencils:

A few years back, Amazon had a sale (they are about 50% off right now on Amazon) on these pencils, and I purchased them. My daughter liked them so much, I just kept on purchasing them. They are nice to have in the house because they do not require a pencil sharpener. I buy about 5 packages at the start of every school year and just keep replacing them.

Must Have Colored Pencils:

I bought these last year and ended up buying another pack, so that each of my oldest children could have their own. They have a crayon sort of look to them, but they are a twisting colored pencil (you twist to get more color). It was a great variation of mechanical pencils and the kids love them!

Must Have Backpack:

You all know the drill, every year you spend $20 on a new backpack (sometimes more). I was SO tired of continuously buying new backpacks (and most of the time they were not even worn out). It seemed like such a waste, but obviously my 6 year old no longer wants his Diego backpack (and I DO get that). 3 years ago, my daughter HAD to have a backpack with wheels. It was what she had her heart set on, so I finally broke down and spent more than my usual $20 on the backpack. Well, we has used the backpack for 3 years, and it has some wear (we may replace it this year), but she has never asked for another backpack. It is very durable, and can be easily used as a carry on for the airplane as well! We ADORE this backpack. Our backpack has been used so often and been through so much, but it lasts and lasts. The handle is VERY sturdy (my daughter can be VERY rough on it), and it is built to last.  I cannot say enough about this backpack, and it was worth every penny! We bought the LL Bean Critter Backpack, which is similar to the deluxe backpack above. We purchased at 50% off, so wait for a good sale!

Those are our first 4 items-- check back next week for even more!

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