Friday Fan Day

Today's question was asked by one of our awesome fans:
"Why do you always have (insert type of entry) on your giveaways?"

We completely understand the question and the concern. We know you LOVE to win the giveaways, and feel like your chances are decreased if you cannot complete every entry. So, here are the reasons the entries appear as they do:

  • The sponsor of the prize has requested a specific type of entry. Often the company that is joining us in the giveaway specifically states what types of entries they would like to have for the contest. We always try to honor their requests, and often will "mirror" their entries. So, if the company asks for a twitter follow, we will ask for a MamaBreak twitter follow.
  • We feel that the giveaway is suited to one type of platform over another. If we have a Vlog review of the item, often you will see YouTube as an option for entry, as we know people may have found the giveaway through YouTube. The same is true of other sites such as Instagram or Pinterest.
  • We try to mix up the types of entries so that everyone has an equal opportunity. We do not want to put every platform for our fans on every contest, as that would be a LONG rafflecopter form, but we do like to give options. We know that not everyone follows us on Instagram or even Facebook, so we try to mix up the entry possibilities throughout the week with our giveaways. We love all of our fans, and want to give them all access to the entries for the giveaways.
  • Of course, we ALWAYS give one free entry if it is a rafflecopter hosted specifically by us. We want everyone to have a chance, even if they are not a fan on another platform (and are just a blog reader). We have TONS of winners from that free entry choice, so it is quite common for people to win simply by entering on the first click.
Thank you so much for supporting MamaBreak by entering the giveaways! The more entries and readers we have, the more we can offer to our wonderful readers!

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