Positive Superstar Saturday

I love how so many stars inspire and influence for the good. The two I've been following the closest are Candice Cameron Bure and Mayim Bialik.

I adored both actresses growing up, but they have become amazing moms and use their previous stardom for things I believe in. (Of course they aren't perfect and you don't have to agree with me!) I have read parts of Candice's book on weight loss and I really enjoy her perspective.  She is an advocate for her family and her pre-teen and teens in regards to eating healthy.  

I LOVED Blossom SO much I decorated my whole room in sunflowers in 8th grade.  Now, Mayim Bialik promotes green, holistic and attachment parenting.  I love learning how to keep my kiddos safe and her work with Holistic Mom's Network has really encouraged and informed me.

What stars inspire you!?  We would love to hear about it.

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