Friday Fan Day!

I loved this question:

Do you review all of the items you are ever offered? How do you choose what to review?

No, in fact, we are fairly choosy about what we review. Some blogs base their reviewing on the value of the item. That is just not who we are here at MamaBreak. You will find we review very small items and very big items. We get many offers to review items, and we decide what we will review based on the following questions:

  1. First and foremost-- will you read about it? Will our fans want to learn about the product? Will it interest them? We could not survive long without our fans, so we try to bring your products that YOU want to hear about (so if you ever want to hear about something, let us know and we will try to review it!).
  2. Is it MamaBreak appropriate? We have had some offers to review items that are very nice. We have had offers on specific items that are nice as well. However, if the entire website the item is coming from is NOT child appropriate, and especially if the item is not child appropriate, we simply will not feature it. Ever. Listen, we are moms too. Our kids sometimes look at what we are doing online. We never want them to see anything that is less than kid friendly, and we want your kids to be safe as well! We only include items that we think are family friendly. In that, we also only promote items we feel are SAFE for kids.
  3. Is it something we WANT to review? Sometimes, we need to consider if it is something that fits into our lives. I had an offer once for a fabulous product, but it was just not something we would use. Sometimes, if it is something I know MamaBreak fans would want to hear about it, I will review it anyway. Not only do reviews take a significant amount of time, but we pay taxes on each and every item that we review, so we need to be selective in what we choose.
  4. Will it support a small business, especially a mom-owned business? We love supporting other moms, so sometimes even if we think it may not have a huge appeal to readers, and even if we do not need or want the item, we agree to review it. We know how hard it is to get your name out into the world, and we love helping small businesses out. We also love to help other moms out! 
So that is, in general, our 4 criteria. We do tell companies no, and turn down offers to review items every week. We only want to bring you quality reviews and giveaways that truly interest you, our readers! 

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