July Goodies Box Review

Ok, this is the first time we have received this box, but I am in LOVE!!!!! Goodies is a box filled with yumminess for only $7 a month (that includes shipping!)!!!!!! Check out my box this month:

  • Glaceau Fruit Water in Black Raspberry. This is the 0 calories, and it has suclarose, but I am going to hunt down is there is fruit water with sugar (I do not process suclarose well). Amazon value, $2.25
  • The Better Chip Corn Chips. YUMMMMM!!!! Amazon value, $1.09
  • Cosmos Creations Caramel. This is like Caramel Corn without the hull and seeds. I also felt it had a lighter and fluffier texture to it. I already ate the entire sample before the kids came home! Web value, 70 cents. 
  •  Gimbal's Cherry Lovers. Made with real Cherry juice and no high fructose corn syrup. Web value, $1.29
  • Crunchmaster Multiseed Crackers. Web value, 35 cents. 
Total value:  $5.68   The box itself is $7, so you are essentially paying $1.32 for the service and shipping, which is reasonable. What I love is that the brands are all new to me, and I can experience new flavors! There is also a point system for reviewing each item (much like Birchbox). You get about 7 points per product, for a total of 35 points a month. You need 200 points for a free box, so this would mean about every 6 months you receive your box for free. You can also earn more points by completing your profile and getting "props" for your reviews (since I am brand new, I am still working with the points program-- and will update on how it is going). 

You can order your own Goodies box at: https://www.goodies.co/

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