Wax Vac Review

One of my most hated tasks is cleaning my children's ears. They get extremely dirty! I use wax drops, but it does not seem to effectively get rid of all of the wax. I am always tempted to us q-tips, even though I know you should not!

We love the Wax Vac. It has really changed the way we clean ears in our house. I was a little nervous to use it, but my son (the primary person we use it on) does not mind it at all, and would tell us for certain if it hurt him.

The end that you see works as a little vacuum with a limited amount of suction. We apply these was drops before the process (you can pick some up on the Wax Vac website), although applying the drops is not necessary. My son has very waxy ears, so this helps to break down the was before "vac"-ing.

The wax is effectively removed without any pain or irritation. Hooray for clean ears!

I did not try the Wax Vac on my own ears, only on my sons.

Please use caution, as always, when purchasing online. We have heard reports that shipping and handling charges are VERY high. The total for your item (with shipping and handling) is $23.98, but you will NOT see this total until you have ordered. Please read all of the fine print before placing your order. 

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