Kim Co Wine Bottle Cover Review and Giveaway

We love unique gift ideas. Although this is not a gift idea, per se, it IS a great way to wrap! One of our favorite things to bring to parties is a bottle of wine. It is a great hostess gift, but I am always stumped with wrapping it. My husband and I once gave wine as a gift for Christmas, and it seemed the only option was to put it in a gift bag. 

That is why I am so excited about KimCo's Wine Bottle Cover!

We think this cover would be perfect for Valentine's Day! It is a stretchy sleeve that simply pulls over the wine bottle and pulls right off. 
The BEST part? They are only $2.99!!! And they come with a gift bag and a gift tag!

We are LOVING these tissue box covers as well!
THIS is what our tissue boxes normally look like. They are beat up, and look like someone sat on them (it is possible someone did!).
BUT, with the tissue box cover, the problem is solved!

The website features so many different designs, they are sure to have ones that match the decor to every room in your house!

Check out all of their unique products at:

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