Grow Your Own Mushrooms . . . In the Middle of Winter!

We live in an extremely cold climate, and it starts to get cold very early here. This is a picture of our home . . . in OCTOBER!

My kids LOVE to plant things, but planting outside can only take place for a few short months. Planting inside has always been a pain, as the kids often over water or under water (and often forget). We did not have to really worry about any of that with the Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Garden kit!

 Everything you need comes in a neat little box. You simply lift one of the panels up, cut two slits into the plastic, and "spray" the area with water twice a day. The twice a day worked out well for us, as it was the 9 year old's job to water in the morning, and the 5 year old's job to water in the evening. They absolutely loved watching them grow. And boy did they ever grow!

After ten days, we cut them and threw them into a stir fry! The kids ate every last one of them, as they were so proud that the mushrooms were "theirs." We had a great time growing and eating our own home grown food in the middle of the cold and ice! We cannot wait to flip the box over, where we can grow a whole new batch of mushrooms!

You can purchase your own kit, which we think are the perfect gifts for children AND anyone who loves gardening, from the Back to the Roots Website: 
You can also check them out on Facebook at:

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