Toe Juice Review

Here at my house, I love to pamper my feet. I am running around all day, and I love products that help to soothe them. Although the name may seem peculiar, I have been enjoying the refreshing feeling "Toe Juice" brings to my feet.

Toe Juice is a product to apply to any part of your skin that may need refreshing.  It has a cooling agent to it, and leaves the area feeling cool. I have placed it on skin that is itchy as well, and it helped to soothe the itch.


The consistency it very liquidy, and is not like a lotion or a gel. It has a medicinal smell to it, much like mouthwash, which is not bad, just not something that I would ordinarily place on my skin. Parents should also be aware that the produce is primarily alcohol-based (similar to rubbing alcohol). Be careful with using it on little ones skin!
My husband has used it on his excema stated that it really did provide cooling relief!

You can purchase your own Toe Juice on their website for JUST the cost of shipping!!! 

Be on the lookout for a review . . . coming soon! 

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